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Letters To Soldiers is a volunteer crew sending letters, care packages and support to our troops in Iraq.

How Can I Help?

Your donation will help us ship what soldiers need most - messages from home.


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Help us send letters and packages, or organize letter-writing in your area! Find out more...

Send a Letter To a Soldier

Take a few minutes and send a message to a soldier in Iraq.

Help Us Help Others

Do you know a soldier who could use a letter? A military family in need? Have a cause that could use some help? Let us know!


For any information about this volunteer effort to support our troops fighting in Iraq including:

please contact us at info@letterstosoldiers.org

What we need:

We need volunteers to spread the word about this volunteer effort! Do you have experience in any of the following areas?

Volunteers in Utah area:

If you live in XXX in Utah, we need your help boxing up letters and gifts to send to our troops!

Volunteers elsewhere:


Would your company be willing to donate money or goods to our troops? For example, you may have thought to send toys to military families in need, but we've heard that the soldiers would LOVE to have toys too! We've heard not only wishes for things like X-boxes, but also for simple things like LEGOS!

We need your help to get the word out to get Christmas wishes and gifts to our Troops this Christmas!

Click here to see how teachers, churches, scouts and other kids organizations are offering to have kids write letters and make cards for the Troops.

100 cards mailed to us to send to Iraq Fallujah camp by 2nd graders in North Carolina. " Thank you for allowing us to send  these cards to you and for your time in assisting me, my daughter and her friends and classmates. *We would love to start a pen pal correspondence with the soldiers. These children are so excited to send these cards! Thank you" Click picture for more pics.

Some people have gotten Girls Camp teens to write letters as a project like these 142 letters dropped off at our Orem COSTCO Letters to Soldiers box, other teachers are having their classes write letters and volunteer community service hours, and employees are getting entire companies to write letters.  Ask us how you can participate in this way.