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Letters To Soldiers is a volunteer crew sending letters, care packages and support to our troops in Iraq.

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Your donation will help us ship what soldiers need most - messages from home. Don't Google it, GoodSearch it: GoodSearch: You Search...We Give!

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Do you know a soldier who could use a letter? A military family in need? Have a cause that could use some help? Let us know!

Donate! Operation Ensuring Christmas is looking for hand made items, Christmas Stockings, nonperishable food like dry drink, soup packets, CDs, DVDs, Paperback books, Mp3 players, completely white ankle socks, sanitary supplies, personal care products like shampoo, conditioner, body bath liquid soap, nice lotion, nice nail care, etc.  Dried fruit, nuts, jerky and things like that are loved. If you wish to donate items, please email us here.

Letters To Soldiers is a purely volunteer operation that ships letters, care packages and supplies to our troops serving in Iraq. We've been working hard to ship out as many cards, stockings, and care packages as possible to our troops in Iraq for Christmas! 

Donate with PayPal to Help Cover Shipping Costs!
Letters to Soldiers collects the letters and donations of goods, but we need help from generous folks like you to cover the costs of shipping! Won't you help us out? Click the Donate button below to donate through PayPal. It's quick, secure, and you don't even need a PayPal account!

07/16/09 Thank you so much for this nice email, it was very needed as we struggle this year to raise the funds for shipping to our troops overseas:

"Thank you so much for this wonderful program.  Our VBS had a soldier visit the children and tell them how important it is to get letters from home when you are serving in the military.  Our children wrote letters drew pictures and we have them ready to ship.  Can you please give us an address to ship them to?" 

Thanks,  Sheila Travis

FBN  NC Fleet Operations Mgr.

06/21/09 "I would like to setup an account on my internet banking to automate sending a monthly donation.  This would be a check sent to your organization each month.  Is there an address or PO box I can send it to?  Mike "

06/21/09"I put on a collectors convention and had the people who attended donate care package items for free raffle tickets to a drawing.  I've got 3+ pretty large boxes full of stuff.  Where and when can I drop these off to you?  I am in South Jordan.

Thank you,

Brenda L,"

06/20/09 From a HIgh School Junior in Las Vegas: Wow just one student can do t his much:

All these wonderful items this student collected were shipped to the units we are supporting for this year's 4th of July!

DVDs of the 2008 Operation Ensuring Christmas Concert is available for minimum donation of $25 to send two military care packages, and you get a free Signed Concert Poster too.   See a preview of the DVD here: Get your orders in at:




Please Contact us for drop off of donated items at warehouses in SLC and Utah County,  and donations for shipping here at info@letterstosoldiers.org or our Paypal Donate button. See all involved and our sponsors  as well as letters from military units we are sending to this year at http://www.letterstosoldiers.org/operationensuringchristmas08.htm


Thank you for helping us help the military and their families that are separated from their loved ones this Christmas in 2008 for 1,534 care packages that were sent. Donations also accepted here for shipping cost Goal of $25,000 for Christmas 2009Donate Goods

Instant soups, soy sauce, dry packet drinks, wipes, hand warmers, jerky, dried fruit, cookies, MP3s, CDs, Christmas stockings, calling cards, Cell Phones for international calling, phone cards, video cameras to send movies of their dads to their children, (bubble wrapped chips and  big plastic bottle of restaurant style salsa at Walmart), those tiny Kool-Aid-type single packs that can be added to a water bottles, candy, games, Cheddar Cheese Triscuits, toiletries: shaving creams, razors, baby wipes, sanitary items, sewing kits, powder,  magazines, books, small seasonings. "Extra long nylon bootlaces are desperately needed here because of the number we break. Combat socks for tall soldiers is a need here since half of us are over 6'2" tall. We are moving into winter and under armor cold gear and ba[la]clavas would be a great help. Tactical gloves for big hands would be appreciated too. As for wants DVDs, CDs, PlayStation or Xbox games would be most used for entertainment."

Non-perishable food items: cookies, candies, gum, granola bars, hard candy, etc.  (Rice Krispy Treats are great because they crumble) ( Click here for other lists)

"A lot of our Marines have children. Most of them were just newborns when we left. Sad reality is that they are not going to remember their daddies when we get back. And nothing breaks a Marine's heart like getting rejected by his own child that does not remember him or her. We want to make small videos where our Marines can talk to their children or read them stories, and their babies can watch them back home ...  If anybody has any kind of video camera or tapes we would very much appreciate them."

"When the siren sounds on camp, run as fast as you can to take cover cause we have something coming that's going to make a big boom ... incoming artillery, RPGs [rocket-propelled grenades], mortars rockets, etc. You never know when it's going to be your time--[you need] something to relieve stress and take your mind off things--magazines, games, being able to call home, no ATM machines so no phone cards etc. ..."

"Some good things in some packages were Red Bull, it would be awesome to get some more of that, it is good go juice. Other than that all is well in this part of the world, it will get a little rough around the holidays, keeping everybody's head in the game. I am sure nice packages will help lift their spirits some. I am mainly concerned with the younger, newer guys, who are on their first deployment. Some things that come to mind are of course beef jerky, still, lol. Winter is coming, and we were blessed to get a microwave, so things like Chunky Soup, Chef Boyardee, Dinty Moore stew things."

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Vision Strike Wear and Bouhammer offer 10% to any military charity

Posted: 01 Jul 2009 09:00 AM PDT

Through an exclusive arrangement with Bouhammer Afghan & Military Blog (www.bouhammer.com), Vision Strike Wear, www.vision-strike-wear.com, (Designers and Printers of custom military unit apparel) are providing a wonderful promotion to help out military units of any size, both in the US and abroad and the charity of the unit’s choice.

Any unit that contacts Vision Strike Wear via the custom Bouhammer.com link to begin the process of designing and purchasing a custom unit T-shirt; Vision Strike Wear and Bouhammer.com will  donate 10% of the total initial order to a valid military-supporting charity of the unit’s choice. This can be any military-supporting charity that the unit wants, assuming the charity can be validated as legitimate.

For every shirt ordered after the initial order (by members of the unit, supporters, family, friends, etc.) $5 from every shirt sold will continue to go towards the designated charity for as long as the shirts keep selling.

In addition shirts can be customized with things like “Supporter”,  “Family Member”, “FRG” etc.

Again this deal is available ONLY through Bouhammer.com, the exclusive Milblog partner of Vision Strike Wear.

To start the process of getting your unit a custom T-shirt, click the link below.

Click here to get a custom unit shirt and give 10% to your favorite military-supporting charity.

As a one-time Special for our Nation’s Independence Day, one of the owners of Vision Strike Wear is providing an additional 5% off of the total cost of the initial order. To qualify for this one-time special click the link above or email 10percent@bouhammer.com with the subject of (July 4th) in the email on July 4th. The initial contact to start the process HAS TO OCCUR ON JULY 4TH for the additional 5%!!


>>ATTENTION PLEASE: We have been offered 120,000 Tahitian Noni Chews, (11 pallets),   and NEWAYS Natural Personal Care products is matching that this year for the Troops in Iraq but we don't have the funds to ship them. Won't you please help us? Attention Soldiers, Airmen, Marines, Sailors, We will give you an autographed Mindi Abair CD "Stars" if you can arrange Military to Military Base Shipping of these donated items!! PEnding Winner Steven Fleming, Air Force serving in Iraq: "07/22/08 From Airman in Iraq we send letters to that needs our help collecting supplies:re: shipping 11 pallets of Tahitian Noni Chews and Neways Personal CAre products to Iraq: "i'm not sure if they would make it here fast enough, but please let me know all the information such as your contact number, what exactly is in the pallets, and how close you are to what air force base.  i have talked to the chaplain here, and they requested that information and for me to forward them the information and how to contact you.  they would love to have all the donations, but we have to consider things like getting them here in time and such.  it is a great idea either way, and i really hope that we can take the pallets.  steven " (His pictures in Iraq receiving packages are on "Troop Thanks" page)   Unforetunately we did not get help from Utah military to ship these "military to military" to Iraq. Still hoping  to get help for Christmas drive.   WE asked GEneral  of HAFB, General Burton of Utah Ntl. Guard, and Gen. Cooke of ARMY Reserve to help us on this but still no answer.

Thank You to our Wonderful Corporate Sponsors:

Thanks to NEWAYS, 1,500 Utah Military, 1000 Marines, and an Aeromedical Hospital in Kuwait got your wonderful Natural Products, and  150 soldiers in 2007 got  Shampoo, Conditioner, Lotion, Deodarant and Shaving Gel with no harmful chemicals.

Thanks to our Sponsors SNELSON Photo Lab for beautiful pictures and banner,  and: For donating our new Gateway Computer we needed so desperately to manage two nonprofits.   , COSTCO Warehouses, Listen for our PSA on FM100 and AM630 for the holidays and watch the WB30,FOX13, KUTV2. KJZZ and KSL for stories and  listen to NPR on Thanksgiving Day for our interviews.

Thanks Leslie at our Local CABELAS for donating 150 hand warmers for stocking stuffers for the Troops this Christmas.

Thank you Tahitian Noni for donating 1,500 NOni Chews in 2008, and  $250 for shipping Christmas to 150 soldiers in 2007.

June 2008 11 pallets of Noni Soft Chews have been donated for our Troops and are waiting in their warehouse to be driven to a military base to ship out. We are just trying to arrange that with a military base.

Thank you Odyssey Dance Theatre for donating up to 140 free tickets to your wonderful production of "It's A Wonderful Life" at Kingsburry Hall for the families of deployed military of Utah.

Thank you Governor Huntsman and Mrs. Huntsman for donating $1,000 towards the shipping of 2008 Christmas Care Packages.

Thank you Deseret Foundation for donating $1,000 towards the shipping of 2008 Christmas Care Packages.

Thank you Anonymous Generous Donors who donated $8,500 and $1,500 largest Donations for the shipping costs of 2008 Operation Ensuring Christmas.

Thank you Timpanogos VFW for donating $500 for shipping costs of 2008 Operation Ensuring Christmas.

Thank you Kara's Chocolates for donating 1,500 Mint Truffles in Pretty Christmas Wrappers

Thank you Richard Paul Evans for donating 1,500 "The Christmas Box" books

Thank you Cell Phones for Soldiers for donating 1,500 60 minute calling cards.

Thank you Card CAfe for donating 1,500 50% off Card Making Cards

Thank you all volunteers that made over 1,200 beautiful hand made Christmas STockings

Thank you Utah School Districts for making over 20,000 Christmas cards

Thank you Phillips Hand Crafted Chocolates for making and donating 310 Pecan Rolls with your great chocolates for the 142nd UTNG unit serving in AFghanistan

And thank you all the wonderful volunteers 


Christmas for our Troops 2007 Shipments

We shipped 150 packages of Christmas supplies, stockings and cards!! We are shipping 100s of hand made cards and letters through the Holidays! THANK YOU to our generous donors:


click here for over 70 companies that donated Christmas Stocking Stuffers in 2007: