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Letters To Soldiers is a volunteer crew sending letters, care packages and support to our troops in Iraq.

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Take a few minutes and send a message to a soldier in Iraq.

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Letters to Soldiers will be presenting at:Past Events 



Click to see all the pictures of the Event

FOR EVERYONE TO GET INVOLVED IN SUPPORTING ARMY RESERVE BRIGADE IN IRAQ &  Army Reserve Battalion in Afghanistan, and  and 300 HAFB packages.



PAYSON WALMART "Volunteerism Pays Back" program




1050 South Main St., Payson, Utah 84651

10 am to 5pm


Lanternlane will be singing her wonderful songs written by her for our soldiers like "My Prayers are With YOu Soldier" and her new release "Let Me In" just debued on 9/11/09 about soldiers coming back from Iraq with PTSD and their loved ones trying to reach them. All Military families will want to be there for that.

 For more information contact www.letterstosoldiers.org at info@letterstosoldiers.org

 Event will have Taylor Audio Dancin DJ Cory, all kinds of entertainment, card making and banner making for our soldiers, packaging of donated items by 10 companies, Christmas cards made by 20 school districts,  and hand made stockings by volunteers. Food, fun activities, watching videos of past Utah Military units that received care packages and their letters of appreciation.  Volunteers needed for planning, event day and filling out shipping forms.  Goal to raise remainder of $3,390 for shipping costs as well as more donated items, home made Christmas Stockings, special Christmas decorations, etc.

The Balloon Man

Come read updates here on what we are working on, and new letters and pictures from our Troops in 09. CLick here to read updates of what we are doing, who is helping, and letters from the military units we are sending to this year.


07/08/09 as 339 Army ReserveBrigade Soldier Friends of ours, Sivale from UPS, Lte. Col. F., Col. A., A, LTC H., LTC B., and others left Fort Douglas at 6am, we gave them each a Tahitian Noni binder filled with a letter, card they can write their loved ones on, Tahitian Noni Chew, and our promise of 339 Christmas Care Packages while in Iraq, and met many of the families and gave their "Operation MIlitary Kids" 120 Binders for school. Come watch news story by Nineveh Ninha of FOX13 under "News". CLICK HERE TO SEE THE PICTURES OF THE SEND OFF


 07/06/09 We brought our Iraqi volunteer Hussein to brief the Officers on Iraqi culture and to answer their questions before they head out. We are going to give them 339 special send off gifts.  Update 05/06/09 OUr dear friends and best volunteers,  Utah ARmy Reserve , will be going to Iraq this Summer.  We will be sending packages of cards and letters, and 339 Christmas Care Packages from home!! Our Iraqi  volunteer Hussein did a briefing with the soldiers about Iraqi culture and answered their questions before they leave.  We will be sending them off with special care package soon.

Thank you to the most wonderful restaurant BELLAS's in Ogden, UT

for hosting the best 9/11 Dinner/Concert/Dance Party. Thank you

Lanternlane and SteelnThunder for the most moving songs about

our soldiers and patriotic songs. Go see SteelnThunder at Utah

State Fair this Thursday.  We raised almost $300. We need $1,390

 more to ship the  ARmy Reserve  Brigade their 339


REad UTah Valley MAgazine ARticle on how Letters To Soldiers is one of FAB 50 making a difference in the community.

Thank you Daniel Beck, Jenny Jordan Frogley and George Dyer for signing posters for our soldiers still in harms way.

Welcome www.JamsBio.com to our family of sponsors. YOu can dedicate a song to a soldier on that site. Come watch  "Honoring an American Soldier" by Queensryche And not only does your participation honor those who serve us, but you also are eligible to win free music and merchandise.  Come listen to "American Soldier"


With the dear Hero's families of SFC Gordon E..

Meeting our soldiers we ship to while deployed was very special, one couple were both serving in AFghanistan at the same time and received the special packages.  The wife loved the NEWAYS natural shampoo and they both loved the PHillips Handcrafted Chocolates made just for their unit.

OUr volunteer loved helping kids make cards.


4TH OF JULY Mini Concert Event

Thanks Drew Reese, and Thank you AG Mark Shurtleff for offering $1,000 donation.  Hussein told everyone what his first 4th of July in the US was like.

Thank you Shawn and crew of Taylor Audio and DJ Shawn Phillips for the great sound and music.

Click this picture to see the whole Day's Events!!!


2009 VFW Convention Thank you for inviting me to speak: Thank you all from Utah & Nevada for offering to help with Operation Ensuring Christmas 09

Hussein our Iraqi Interpreter got a standing ovation

2009 Disabled American Veterans Convention!  Thank you John, Dave, JC and members of the DAV for inviting me to be your Keynote Speaker:

We appreciated being part of a very special Memorial and Convention. You are all very dear to us.

Operation Ensuring Christmas Concert

Click Jill Stevens' and One Voice Children's Choir's picture to see pictures of the concert!  Thank you to all who donated including our Generous Governor Jon Huntsman Jr. and First Lady Mary Kaye Huntsman for your donation and wonderful address. Watch it at http://www.saveadogandkids.org/ensuring_christmas/

DVD of the concert is available for minimum donation of $20 to send 2 military care packages and you get a free signed concert poster.  Get your orders in at:



Featuring Dan Truman of "Diamond Rio," Angela Winston, Allison Janisse, Miss Utah Jill Stevens , Margo Watson, The Moleni Brothers, Drew Reese, Jaden Bliss, Lanternlane, our wonderful Christian, LDS and Gospel artists and  the ONe Voice Children's Choir.

CDs of Angela Winston's Christmas, Margo Watson and Allison Janisse are for sale with proceeds going to the shipping of packages to our soldiers.


United We Stand

Love Will Prevail - by Angela Winston
MP3 - 3.4 MB

From the album -

United We Stand






Welcome HOme Troops Celebration

Note we just got the footage of this great event and concert that so many like Pleasantree, Lanternlane, Jaden Bliss, Angela Winston and the Osmond 2nd Generation came to thank our troops that returned safely home from Iraq.  We will be uploading it soon. 07/07/09 We need a volunteer editor to help us.

See more pictures of the event

Come watch some of the performances from the Tribute Concert (under Shows): 



A Big Thank you from Letters to Soldiers Tribute Concert and Welcome Home Celebration and all Military FAmilies that participated goes to The Deseret NEws and KUTV2, KBZN, FM100, as well as all our friends who got the word out for us !!

 Thank you so much for covering our event so well and helping us get the word out to ship 22 pallets of donated items before they expire. This was a huge endeavor getting so many people to volunteer their time, services and products. What amazing heartfelt performances by the Osmond 2nd Generation, Angela Winston, Pleasant Tree, LanternLane, and Jaden Bliss who just moved everyone that heard these amazing live patriotic songs. We wish to thank  all the wonderful Vendors who donated over $100,000 worth of services like Taylor Audio with stage, PA System, Sound Board and Engineering, Davis Audio Visual who lent the 42” Plasma Screen and helped us show our military families’ videos and footage from Iraq, Eurest Dining thanks to Oz and Sandy who got Pepsi to donate drinks, Food suppliers to donate hot dogs, cheeseburgers and more and volunteered to feed everyone to raise money for Letterstosoldiers.org to ship letters, and all donated items from Tahitian Noni and Neways Products.  And Cricket Communications who teamed up with our Helloworld.com/saveadogandkids to offer their new Cell Phone highspeed wireless card internet service so military families were able to do live video emails to their family members serving in Iraq.  And Scoopology’s Chase and Denise offered free ice cream cones all day long.  Life Long Memories Films team Ken and Linda Sorenson that have covered all Letters To Soldiers fundraising events and filmed this entire event to make our “Welcome Home Tribute Concert” DVD to raise the rest of the funds to ship Letters to Soldiers letters, cards and donations to our Troops from Utah serving in Iraq. Thank you Linda and Ken for donating so much of your professional services and time for our troops.  And KBZN who advertised the event, interviewed us with Lanternlane and MC’d the performances, as well as gave prizes at their booth.  Rick Lindsey you are a gem.  And we wish to thank all the wonderful volunteers from our 116th National Guard Family Readiness Group, especially a dear little girl that raised over $35 at the Balloon popping game.  We wish to thank the wonderful friends from Hill Air Force Base for coming and managing the Silent auction and the Letters to Soldiers Booth along with the wonderful Thornell family who’s daughter serves in our Utah Army and Kelly for managing the Video Emailing with Helloworld. And we will all never forget the Army Reserve 96th Fort Douglas Unit with LTe. Col. Felsch, and Col. Garcia and all their wonderful men who tirelessly helped set up the banners, stage, booths, and manned the Pepsi booth, and  grilled burgers all day for 11 hours.  You guys are our heroes!!! Thank you our Friends from The Utah Flash and Flash Fox for coming to giveway one family season ticket pass, two basketball camp certificates and 1 Bday party with Flash Fox for your kids.  We were so honored to give gifts to two Army Reserve Wives who’s husbands are serving as officers with other states’ units in Iraq right now, Maria Howard and Pam Banta, and give them  getaways to go on in July when their husbands come home, and also acknowledge the wonderful National Guard 116th unit Family Readiness Group leader Jennie Taylor and hard working mother for a soldier Becky Norton both with soldiers who volunteered to do an extra 12 months in Iraq.  And we don’t want to forget anyone else because so many wonderful people came to volunteer for this event, worked tirelessly to get the word out like our friend Ammon, Rebecca Moore our photographer, Rebecca Cressman of FM100 that invited Letters to Soldiers on the air Friday morning to talk about the event, Laura Jones on KPCW who invites Letters to Soldiers to come and read letters from Americans from all over the US and also invited one of our performers Lanternlane to come and play the “Welcome Home Soldier” collaborative song of 4 groups that she wrote.  Thank you our friend Angie Larsen for mentioning our amazing performers for the Tribute Concert on Good Things Utah, on ABC4. Thank you Sam and Mitch at FedEx Kinkos for our beautiful Banners and Flyers.  And Thank you Eagle 101.5 for your support,  Shotgun at KBULL radio, Steve and Angie at KSL, Justin and  Andy at ABC4, our friends at Mayor Becker’s office, the fellow military support organizations we invited to help collect letters like  Elaine with Operation Give, Elaine with Troop Cards, Ray with Fisher House, Feed Uncle Sam, our Sweet Veterans of the VFW,  and so many other friends like Maria Howard, Michelle Thornell, and others I apologize if I left out anyone that really were there to help me coordinate this event and make it so wonderful.  What a family of generous and loving people you all have been. Thank you all,

 Denise De Vynck


Watch this summer for the Welcome Home Tribute Concert DVD on our site

And please write us at info@letterstosoldiers.org if you wish to participate in sending our troops all the support we can from home. 

Come read the Deseret News Article

From our Friends:

Rick at KBZN:  "Denise,

Kudos, again, for your efforts in making that welcome home event happen.  It should be the start of bigger and better things."

"Denise,  Thank you. Your an amazing lady. I believe that great things lie ahead for you. Sincerely, thank you for all of your hard work and for being so kind to Jaden.  Jeff Bliss"

From Mom of little girl who wrote to her daddy in Iraq: "Pictures look great..............we saw the article with the picture of Em in the Deseret News on Sunday.  She was very excited."


From Angela Winston:   "Hey Ms. Denise thank you so much for the photos, they are cherished memories.  Thank you so much for inviting me to take part in such  a wonderful event.  It was a very special day.  Please spread the word that I will be having a Christmas Concert at the Rose Wagner theater downtown SLC, UT on Dec 15th/7p.m.  My special guest will be the Osmond New Generation."

"Hello Denise, I am so looking forward to this event.  I know it will bless many people.  Looking forward
to meeting you.
 Blessings, Angela Winston" " 
Angela Winston, a native of Texas, has resided in SLC, UT with her husband (Retired Army), and her 2 (young adult children).
Some of her highlights during her music career are:  Singing her first single for George W. Bush Election Night in Austin, TX, for an audience
of 35,000 people.  During the Olympics, she opened at the Olympics Medals Plaza for Brooks and Dunn, Train, Lifehouse and Dave Matthews.
Locally, she has shared stages with Thurl Bailey and David Archuleta. Angela has also sung at a 9-11 Memorial Event for Governor Leavitt and Fundraiser for Senator Hatch. 
Angela enjoys singing all styles of music, but her first love is singing Gospel Music, Inspirational/Motivational and Patriotic music.  She has sung in many
Motivational Conventions for Companies such as USANA, NUSKIN, NATURE'S SUNSHINE , and more. She sang in a BYU production and has sung at many firesides.
 Come listen to the sneak peak of "Welcome Home Soldier" Song Written by Lantern Lane and performed by 4 groups here!   Also watch ABC4 "Family Welcome Home Troops" TV spot Thank you Andy at ABC4 newsdesk for interviewing the bands and giving the public a peak at the "Welcome HOme Soldier" collaborative song Sat. June 7th.  Watch at 5pm 



"The Osmonds - Second Generation"came up for a special surprise tribute!

The Osmonds 2nd Generation are all brothers and sons of 70’s pop star, Alan Osmond. They got their start in show business by singing on the Donny & Marie show and by mimicking their father and uncles.  After appearing on a local talent showcase in Salt Lake City, UT, People Magazine wrote an article about this new generation of singing Osmonds.  Bob Hope read the article and gave the boys their first National television appearance on his Christmas show in 1986. They have appeared on the front covers of teen magazines everywhere.  They signed with both Curb Records and Epic/Sony in Europe and have had three songs in the top 40 in the U.K.  They have also appeared on MTV, Good Morning America, Live with Regis and Kathy Lee, CBS This Morning, Entertainment Tonight, CNN and other major shows and networks. They have performed to sold-out stadiums and arenas in the U.S., Europe and Asia.

For more information, go to: www.osmond.com

Thanks to all for bidding at our Silent Auction to raise shipping costs to ship 120,000 Tahitian Noni Soft Chews and Neways products to our Troops serving in Iraq  for : Tracy Lawrence Tickets,  tickets to LAdy Antebellem and Frank Caliendo at Ogden AMpitheatre, Tickets to Salt Lake Bees, $25 Certificates to Shane Co., 4 Free Admission Tickets to Wiseguys, $50 Gift Certificate to High Maintenance Salon, $25 Certificate to Madeline's Steakhouse & Grill, Getaways, Cruises,  Las Vegas overnight trip, and 50% off Disneyland Trips and more.  Just come by the Letters to Soldiers Booth and fill out your name, address, phone number and your bid amount and you will be contacted if you are a winner.  All proceeds go to shipping letters, cards and packages to our Troops overseas.

                       **Free Phone Calling for military families to servicemembrs overseas thanks to 10 PHONES WERE AVAILABLE FOR MILITARY AND THEIR FAMILIES TO CALL OVERSEAS ON CRICKET'S CARD, AND THEY HAVE COUPONS FOR MILITARY TO GET 10% OFF THEIR CALLING PLANS!!!  THANK YOU CRICKET!!!! Watch for their June 19th Unveiling of the Fastest, Cheapest and best Wireless Card.

  **Free Video Emailing thanks to                            **Colonial Flag and WalMart Biker Rally and Huge Food Tent Thank you for lending us the 15 foot flag for our stage.

                           **Tribute Concert of Welcome Home Songs with Special Honorary Tribute to Special Military Families from All Military Branches


Thank you Rick  for MCing our Special Tribute Concert and KBZN crew as  our official Radio Sponsors!!

Thanks for Prizes from Wrangler, Smith & Wesson from Gunnies Western Wear, KBZN  for T-shirts, hats and CDs, THe Eagle for Free kids meals, dinner certificates, tickets, Spa Package and other fun prizes given away at the Balloon Popping Letters to Soldiers table.


                             ** Thank you Chase for Free Scoopology Ice Cream Cones

                             ** Thank you sponsors for the special gift packages for honored military families during Tribute Concert  given out Thanks to Neways, NuSkin, Shane Co, Anniversary Inn, Boulder Mountain Lodge, Wise Guys Comedy Club, Shane Co., Bees Baseball, and more.

An Extra Special Thank YOu to OZ and Sandy of Eurest Dining SErvices on Capital Hill Eurest Dining Services on Capital Hillfor not only getting all the food and Pepsi trailer for this event but for ensuring we had our i's dotted and t's crossed. We love you!!! 

And Thank you Dan from the Health Dept of Utah for hand delivering our Mass Event Permit.

Thank you Randi at Diamond Rental for our generator and tent.

Is donating 120,000 (11 pallets) of Noni Nutrition Chews for our Troops serving in Iraq. 

Come down to Tahitian Noni Theatre for Free Family Movie Night all summer every Monday night!


Thank you MIchael for letting us use Plasma Screen and DVD player to show military videos by the stage during the concert!

 Thank you for Giving us Gift Baskets for Honorary Military Families and offering all the Products from your warehouse to ship to our Troops.  Thank you for donating Natural Personal Care products to ship to our Troops serving in Iraq. They donated 750 of them for Christmas Packages to our Troops.



 COMING AND  GIVING AWAY for military personnel and families with ID:

enter to win:  The winners will be chosen out of the box of all the entries


Winner 1 -  1 Family Pack of Season Tickets to the Utah Flash (1 season ticket per family member)

Winner 2 -  1 Free entry to the Utah Flash Summer Basketball Camp – June 16-20 (Next Week)

Winner 3 -  1 Free entry to the Utah Flash Summer Basketball Camp – June 16-20 (Next Week)

Winner 4 -   Free Fox appearance at your Child’s birthday Party

Come watch Jacob Luttrell sing "Signed, Cealed, Delivered" with Clay Aiken from American Idle:  "Thanks Jacob" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-vMRL3tKpDA


Thanks to all of our Sponsors:  WAnt Sponsorship booths, banners and advertising?   Please contact Denise  info@letterstosoldiers.org

Letters To Soldiers Plans Welcome Home Parties for Military Families:


"I have to tell you that the performers were fantastic and I'm amazed at how much work it had to take to get all those parties to participate with booths and food and what not.  You worked your tail off.  I am so sorry that you were undermined by some people but hope you realize that alot of people know what you did and appreciate it.

 I've taken some time today to begin really thinking about a welcome home party for my husband (although I still don't have a clear indication of when we'd be looking at and I don't think I will until he gets to Kansas).  Anyway, I'm wondering if you have any good sources for decorations that are not tremendously expensive.  I'm thinking that with some of the events you have put on you may have run across some good sources.  I'm wanting to go with red, white and blue .  I'd love to have our yard decked out when he gets here and then am thinking of doing something like an ice cream social and inviting the neighbors and his nearby family and friends (I've got you on the list by the way).  I'm terrified that we won't have a good turn out and it will make him feel bad but I also feel like I need to do something for him.  I'm thinking that we may be looking at the 5th of July."  (I bet we could get a cake donated, some food, ice cream and drinks and flags to decorate their entire street and house.  Whoever wants to join us  please email info@letterstosoldiers.org)  Army wife


"I thought I would share our Memorial Day weekend experiences with you. We Just returned home from an amazing trip to Washington DC. Jaden had the opportunity to sing in the National Parade on Memorial Day and also for Rolling Thunder on Saturday.  Visiting Arlington National Cemetery was a humbling moving experience that we will never forget.  Jaden was also invited to place a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.  It was an experience beyond my ability to express. All of the monuments and war memorials were amazing. It really was a wonderful and moving experience I will always treasure. We were also given a private tour of the Pentagon, way cool.
I hope your trip went well and was equally enjoyable. It must have been quite a sight seeing all those soldiers returning home.  I actually spent some time in the Columbus GA area while serving an LDS mission.  It really is a beautiful area with wonderful people.
I wanted to send you one of Jaden's new songs.  They really loved this one when she performed it in Washington
We are having some scheduling problems with the rehearsal tomorrow,  I'm trying to work it out. 
Take care.  Hope you enjoy the song
Jeff Bliss"

 Thanks to our wonderful fellow wives, fiancees, mothers and daughters of our Troops serving volunteering to make this event special.  Here is one amazing wife of Ntl. Guard:

That's great--I didn't know we had so any Marines coming back, too.  I will be meeting with my FRG ladies tonight (some of them) and will get you their contact information once I am home again.  Also, we have multiple FRG ladies throughout the state who will be gathering letters/cards, so hopefully we'll have a great collection.  We've also begun spreading the word, and will continue to do so between now and June. 


This military family is one example of the kinds of families we wish to honor, thank and support:

"Hi Denise,
I talked to Jake and he said it would be fine to put up the flyers in the armory, so let me know how to get those from you.  Also, I'm part of an online forum with mostly ladies from Utah, many with military ties, so if you want I could post something there too.  If you want me to do that, it would help if you could email me a description of the event without any graphics.  The forum focuses on saving money, so you may want to emphasize the free stuff.  Thanks for putting all of this together.
Laurie P."
  Active Duty Army Wife  Hero and mom of 3 beautiful kids.


"I've got the information on the event at ft douglas and will definitely try to get up there.  With 5 children (ages 2, 6, 11, 12 and 15) and the 11 & 12 are special needs it can get hard but maybe I can make arrangements for them to spend that day at Grandma & Grandpas...  My husband is currently in Iraq and I really wish that he would be home to be able to participate in something like this but he doesn't return until July sometime.  He was taken as an officer to fill a slot with a unit out of Oklahoma so he is over there with a group of guys that he didn't know before they began training and left out.  There have been several things that I have noticed that he has missed out on...........including the "big" send off and of course the return as well.  Basically I took him to the airport and put him on a plane to Oklahoma with no fanfare.........his return home will be the same.  We also ended up getting missed by the family support group...........they didn't assign us to the group from Oklahoma or a group out of Salt Lake so I haven't heard from the Army since he left last July.  We did find out while he was on leave why we weren't getting checked on and that is the only reason we have an explanation for it.  My kids don't quite "get it" when they see the soldiers all headed off on the news and coming home.......they expect Daddy to get the same treatment and have been perplexed when he left and when he came home on leave and there hasn't been a big deal at the airport.

 Thanks for any information.

 M."  From NAtional Guard  about our fallen soldiers and their families: "“I offer my most heartfelt condolences to (Sgt. 1st Class) W.family,” said Maj. Gen.  adjutant general of the Utah National Guard. “This is a great loss for them and for the  National Guard. We’re mindful of the great cost that some families must bear in this war, and we pledge to them our full and complete support to assist them in whatever way we can.”

Come read stories of homecoming for our military:


Valentine's Day Breakfast for deployed National Guardsmen's wives Feb. 14th with SLC Mayor BEcker was amazing.  Thank you Hotel Monaco, Bambara Restaurant and Mayor Becker of SLC.   We videotaped the wives' Valentines wishes to make a video blog for their husbands serving in Iraq.   (Current Serving in Iraq/Afghanistan from Ntl. Guard: 450)Come see videos of the event below!!  Thanks to KSL5, KUTV2, ABC4, Fox13, SL Tribune, TeleMundo, and Deseret News for covering the event. Video EMailing for the National Guard Wives, mothers and Mayor to make Valentine's Wishes. Go see  video blogs of the event and pictures.  Thank you Linda of LifelongMemoriesFilms.com for filming the event as you have filmed all of our events in best HD quality:  

 Jennie  from Feed Uncle Sam honored with her husband on leave LTe.  T..


 Denise from Letters to Soldiers welcomes the wives, offers Video Emailing and cards and letters for them. Mayor Becker thanks Military Families for sacrifices. 

 Moms and Wives loved the roses, Bambara Restaurant and Hotel Monaco breakfast, and making Video Emails to their loved ones in Iraq.

 Mayor BEcker poses for pics with wives

 Letters to Soldiers and Feed Uncle Sam get emotional.

Some of the wives, moms we will be thanking: "Hello my name is Candida Morris, I would like to attend along with my mother Carmen. Both my Husband and my Dad are currently deployed. 

Life has been a bit more challenging as I am sure you can imagine  having my Mom here has really helped out though. My husband is with the  National Guard , my Dad is with the  Aviation Bn which is out of Bangore ME.
My husband is a communitcations officer and my Dad is a  Helicoptor pilot."

"a couple by the name of Andrew & Michele H. will be there, with their son Andrew who is home on leave  since Andrew is so young, with little brothers and sisters at home, and he volunteered for this deployment."

"One more: the Chaplain's wife  will be there.  Her husband is Maj. A. and her name is Tammie.  The DESNEWS might like to do a little story on the role of a chaplain within a big unit (they are about 400 strong--all NG)."

The Family Group Leader, J., FRG, needs to be commended for her wonderful support for soldiers and their families:  Come read about "Feed Uncle Sam."

"Thanks for the info... I'll get it on the air."  Shotgun Jackson  K-Bull 93

"It's Rebecca from the FM100 Morning Show. Congrats on planning such a wonderful event on Valentines. Brian and I may swing by to take some photos for the Morning Show website and we'll be sure to plug this on-the-air.

Happy Valentines!"  Rebecca Cressman   FM100

FM 100 Health and Wellness Fair:  Come see our Valentine's Booth  with Military families making Video Email wishes to service members and kids making cards and wishes: under Shows "FM100 Nutrition Fair" at www.YourDigitalLife.TV  Thank yous to:  Come see the FM100 Health and Wellness Expo Live Streaming Broadcast of kids and military families wishing Happy Valentines to our Troops under Shows at www.YourDigitalLife.tv (Nutrition Fair).  And helped us send out 500 Hand Made Beautiful Valentine’s Cards, 10 Packages of Goodies and more to our Troops Feb. 1st .(Come see our pictures by clicking here)  and Click here to listen to Sam Payne's Tribute song to our Troops.

Thanks helloworld.com for letting Military Families and Kids Stream LIve and do Video Emails:

  • FM100 for donating the booth
  • South Towne Expo for donating the internet service for sending Live Video EMail to Servicemembers serving in Iraq and Mike for your expertise
  • JP Display for offering the electricity for this to happen.
  • Michelle Thornell of Helloworld.com
  • AMelia Bourne of US ARMY


New Year's Eve Party of Utah for the Troops!

come watch our click the poster to see pictures of the Tribute Pictures to our Troops

Helloworld.com/saveadogandkids Live Streaming video wishes from the party:

 Click to download

  Click this box to watch Alex Boye and the Girls at the party wishing you a Happy New Year and Thank you!!! 

LIsten to the great MIxes by DJ Shawn Phillips and our wishes of thank you click here:


  Come watch Alex Boye and get his CD "Spirit" at http://www.alexboye.com/music/album/23/spirit

Come see his personal workshops


Come see our picture gallery of the party!!!

Wow!! We were able to stream live our party, Alex singing and all of our wishes to the troops, and all Military overseas were able to watch and listen to us full screen New Year's Day In Middle East from 7am your time to 9am, on www.YourDigitalLife.TV

Jaden Bliss 14 yr old sensation performed with hit "He's only a Hero" and Alex Boye sang "Calling America"!! Alex Boye and Jaden Bliss benefit concert performances for the Troops coming soon to our site. Thanks Paul for putting on this wonderful party and allowing Letters to Soldiers to broadcast the partygoers and performers' wishes to them overseas!!



Help us meet our goal of sending 150 Packages for Camp of ARMY soldiers needing them badly for shipping cost of $1,400. $1,264 of the $1,377 it cost to ship these packages collected. (I am petsitting for two families to raise $120) Help with a donation today for $8.95 shipping cost a flat rate box to our Soldiers in Iraq this Christmas by donating at Paypal account: WAtch our Video: PhotoJam- Operation Christmas for Our Troops 2007-Web  if not then see pics:

click picture to see more pictures.



Past Event Results

Christmas for our Troops 2007 ShipmentWow that was so nice of the Blackhawk Squadron at Dept of the Army Headquarters,  ( Mechanized) Combat  Iraq!   Thank you LTC, AR J.and Chaplain Captain R. with Ft. Benning Unit.

We shipped 150 packages!!  THANK YOU to our generous donors:

  • Tahitian Noni for $250
  • NuSkin Intl. for $100
  • Our Christmas Gift Show donations of $310
  • Our Founder doing petsitting $260
  • SSG Winters for $360
  • Paul of SLCdanceparty for $200
  • Carol Hill Orem, UT for $100
  • MajorHill of CA, for donating $85
  • Kendall for $50, The Halls $50
  • Dave Voegele $50
  • Dave McKell $45, US Army Thomas Wenner
  • Rebecca for $25



contact me at info@letterstosoldiers.org

Dec. 1, 2007

Breakfast with Santa at Thanksgiving Point invited  our Letters to Soldiers table and made 40 cards.

December 1st “Wrapping Christmas for a Soldier Party”Honorary Thank you: "...with my sincerest thanks ...on behalf of our incredible Blackhawk Soldiers.  The care packages that you spent time packaging demonstrate from the depths of your heart, your unwavering support and love for our Soldiers. ...gave us some Christmas cheer while being away from home....Thank you again for your compassion, care and continued prayers for our Blackhawk Troopers....We would like to honor you for your efforts and make you an honorary member of the Friends of the Blackhawks...accept the certification of appreciation and the limited, highly sought after 3-1 Cavalry Squadron Operation Iraqi Freedom V Deployment Campaign "The Surge" Coin as our way of saying thank you."

click picture to see more pictures.

Wrapping Christmas for a Soldier Party was so amazing thanks to families and friends from all over Utah that came to help for 4 hours to zip lock bag the 550 personal care products from NEWAYS, to stuff the hand made stockings with all the other donations, and to pack the boxes. USPS.com website was a little difficult since it didn't allow "batch orders" of labels for APO addresses and it took 3 nights and 3 site technical guys to help figure out how to get the 150 prepaid postage labels to print out, but they were all done with 150 hand written customs forms and picked up by USPS.

***Anyone wanting to ship to APO/FPO addresses should contact Amy Williams, the USPS Shipping Specialist for multiple packages at 801-887-1901.***

Thank you Garcia family, Cindy and family, Natalie, Kim, Pat, Val, Tanya, Lisa, Char, Lorena, Donna, Jill, and others who helped get all the packages ready!! We had a little Santa's Factory going.

Thank you Parker Christmas Trees in Orem, Utah for donating a 10 foot Christmas Tree for our party.  Find the best looking and best priced trees at Parker Christmas Trees, 110 W. Center St. (Orem Blvd.) every Christmas. 


Over the 2007 Holidays:

Thanks PGJHS and Mr. Norman for making 250 cards!!

AF Jr. High School thanks to Mr. Young made 100 of the best cards with handwritten letters inside.

Lonepeak High School 100 cards  this week and more at lunch next week.  Next July they will make 600 stockings and cards.

PG High School in advisory made over 170 cards with special notes! Their Secretary had her 40 Young Womens' girls make stockings , and many wards' cub scouts have invited us too.

Girl Scout groups have also made cards and donated cookies. Eight Boxes of Craft paper, stickers, etc. donated to make Christmas Cards! 

Salt Lake City Peace Rally with Military families Collected 67 letters thanks to Troop Letters’ family helping! Thanks Lisa, Daryl and kids!

We made some great new friends like Celeste, a 28 yr Army Veteran.

Thank you Senior Wellness Expo for giving the seniors a chance to write letters. Retired Veterans love expressing their support like this Dentist on call still after 50yrs. with his card from Air Force. Thank you LDS Church Single Adult Conference for inviting us again to collect 50 more letters. Glenn Beck earlier Letters table collected 140 letters.

Please invite us to come to your event.  Come to our Letters to Soldiers table and write a letter to our  Troops



Thurl  Bailey came by also!Fat  Soul at Park City Jazz  Festival

Thank you Henry Winkler for your support each time we meet.


Park City Jazz FestivalProvo  Freedom FestivalEven David who is blind dictated his letter to the Troops at Holiday Singles Conference.

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