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Letters To Soldiers is a volunteer crew sending letters, care packages and support to our troops in Iraq.

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Letter Offers

You can write a letter on our site anytime and we will print and send it to Troops serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. Here are the generous ways people around the country are participating:  We are looking for 1,000s of 4th of July Cards/Banners from School children, Could you please ask your principals to collect them and send them to us by 1st of June?

08/17/10"  Hi my name is Michelle S., I do not have any family members, or really know any of our troops serving our country.  I have a 5 year old little boy, who just thinks that our military men and women are just the coolest people ever.  Everytime he see's a soldier he gets so excited.  I myself always go and shake hands with them and say "Thank you" and go on about my business.

We are proud to be American's and we support all of our troops everyday.

My son found a couple of Army guys in a coloring book and he asked me if we could send these pictures to our troops and I told him that I would see what I can do.

If you could provide me with some name's of troops (I'm sure there's alot) but like I said I dont know any of these wonderful men and women serving our country also,  I would like to know where I could send these pictures, and maybe down the road letters (when he starts to read and write) He starts kindergarten on the 25th of this month.

I would really like my son to know the true meaning of being a soldier.  I can only explain what I know. I'm sorry I'm going way into detail about this but I really would like my son to be apart of having a pen pal of one or many of our Military.

 I hope you can help us with this information.

 Thank you"

Michelle S..

08/14/10   "Hello,

  3 other graduate students and I are helping to develop this site that brings people closer together when they can't be in person. It is called Virtual Celebration. I have a page set up for the Solder Ride out of Boston, MA and one of the pages is dedicated to writing letters to soldiers.

   We want to do a VIRTUAL letter sending to soldiers. I am not sure if there is anyway we can help your organization with the virtual end. We need to be able to send all of the letters that everyone is writing to a soldier. What would be the address to send them to you and/or can we do this virtually?


 Amanda D.


"Memorial Day - Sending a Package

 Thank you for your response, I will share this with my niece and nephew tonight. And also, thank you for all you do for everyone overseas. You volunteer efforts are something to be proud of and your determination is amazing!!

Our small borough paper, The Valley Mirror, is also running a story in their paper about Savanna and Tony in this week’s edition, set to come out on Thursday. If I get a link to that or can scan the document, I will send it to you as well. The kids have talked about doing another fundraiser in July for Independence Day, so if we are successful again, I will let you know!!  The kids names are:  S.  age 8, T.  age 6,  and the donations are being sent to lettersforsoldiers.org, They are students at St. T.Catholic School and are in 2nd grade and Kindergarten."

"I had an excellent experience this weekend with two wonderful children – 8 and 6 years old. They knew there was going to be a parade for memorial day in Munhall and wanted to set up a lemonade stand to raise money for the soldiers in Iraq. The older child had learned a little about what was happening in Iraq, and thought it would be a perfect memorial day fundraiser. She also convinced her grandmother and myself to match whatever she raised. We collected all the supplies, made all of the products and set up in front of St. Therese. The kids made a great lemonade sign, decided on the prices of our small medium and large cups and also decided to make a snack cup – a Styrofoam cup filled with pretzels. It was not only a great learning experience for them, but it also showed them what it felt like to raise money for people in need. They saw how hardly anyone asked for change, even when they paid us with a $20 bill. They continually said “It’s for a good cause, keep the change”. The kids were overwhelmed with their success and now want to set something up again for the 4th of July.  We took a few pictures too.  We decided we wanted to donate to your organization and although we could just send the money over paypal, I thought maybe I could take them to the store and they could use the money to make a care package of their own. Would there be somewhere we can ship a care package to, by following the guidelines of what is needed? Any information to get us started would be great.

 Thanks so much!"

Chelsea L.  (Aunt)

05/18/10 "Denise,

 We have had feedback from military personnel that they love our online radio station YLDSR.com (or yourLDSradio.com), and listen to it all the time, especially while deployed. They have also mentioned that non-members around them seem to be drawn to the music as they play it, and it lifts everyone in the area. We would suggest that they be given that web address. Then they can access lots more music than we could ever give them in the form of CDs. Of course it is free. They just have to log on.  Denise R. positivemusicanddownloads.com"


I wanted to let you guys know that there are approximately 75 letters to soldiers on there journey to you right now! With the money order included. Everyone in the community had a wonderful time creating postcards. In addition we wanted to thank you! The thoughtfulness from your organization and its volunteers are amazing!.
                               Thank you again for this opportunity,
                                     Stephanie D. Troop# 10571 & The Fishkill Girl Scouts of NY


Let me start by introducing myself. I am Ashleigh, an intern for the Portland Rose Festival Foundation in Portland, Oregon. The Rose Festival is a nationally recognized event that takes over the city beginning Memorial Day Weekend and lasts for 14 days. Like I said we being Memorial Day weekend with a huge event on our Waterfront. We turn Tom McCall Park into an entire vilage with many activities for families. Our first weekend is all about those serving our country and veterans. Below is some information. 

 -Free admission for Veterans, Reserve, and Active Military and their legal dependents with valid Military ID in to the Portland Rose Festival's Waterfront Village during Memorial Day Weekend.

 -Opening night includes a candlelight flag dedication for the Veterans of Oregon 1,000 Flag Field of Honor.  -Honorable Service Medal presentations- This medal is free and available to every veteran within the State of Oregon who has served in the Armed Forces of the United States of America with an honorable discharge. For information on how to apply to receive an Honorable Service Medal, please visit VeteransofOregon.com.

 We are welcoming home the 41st Infantry Brigade Combat Team of the Oregon Army National Guard. The commander of the 41st Brigade, Col. Hokanson is our guest speaker for the Memorial Day Commemoration Ceremony. 

 -We'll be an official drop off spot for Cell Phones for Soldiers, a program that turns your old phone in to a calling card so our deployed military from Oregon and SW Washington can call their loved ones at home.

-Our Danner Memorial March and Commemoration Ceremony include patriotic presentations. We have received national recognition from the White House as an official National Moment of Remembrance for our 3 pm Moment of Silence, part of our Commemoration Ceremony programming followed by a jet flyover and 21-cannon salute. 

 This event is pretty big and looks like is going to be even bigger this year. A couple of things that are not listed are, a couple displays, both resembling how many were lost serving our country sicne the Revolutionary War and the othe is pictures with information about those lost. We also have secured Evergreen Aviation Museum who is bringing letters that were written from soldiers home and Veterans to interact with our guests.   What I would like to do is have an area where kids, people, families, etc can write letters or make care packages to send to soldiers. Is there a way to somehow be involved with you? It is fine if you can not get to our event seeing that is in three weeks but I would love to have something like that. I can always send the letters written to you. Let me know if this is something that we can work out.

 Thanks! Have a great day!Ashleigh Walker,
WFV Intern

Rose Festival office:
phone: 503.227.2681  x 327
cell: 503.679.7835


"My name is Laura and i am 23 years old. I live in a tiny farm town in Massachusettes. I am just writing to say that i think what all you brave men and women are doing over there is incredible. You deserve so much thanks for risking your lives and dedicating it to keep this country so great. I see myself joining the military in the very near future, possibly as soon as this fall. My boyfriend is a marine and has taught me alot about it. I have never seen him take so much pride in talking about anything else. I admire the hard work and the dedication, which is why i think i would like to make a life change and join myself. I hope all is well where you are and that your safe when you receive this letter. If you would like to write back feel free i would love to hear from you or you could email me which ever would be easiest since i know you are very busy. Stay safe and god bless :) Sincerely, Laura"

My name is April D. and I am a 3rd grade Language Arts teacher at T. Primary School in  Texas. I am interested in having my students create posters and cards to send. I was wondering if I could get more information on this? If I had my students make banners, where and how would I send these? Also, If we made cards, what is the address for me to send these to? I teach 115 3rd grade students, and I could have all of them create a card."
Thank you,
April D.
3rd Grade L/A
Tatum Primary

I am the sponsor of the National Jr Honor Society at Bedford Jr High (Bedford, Texas).  We are interested in writing letters to soldiers.  I noticed on the website that you were asking for Fourth of July cards and banners. If the students make banners/cards, where do we mail them?"

Tracy R.Bedford Jr High

3/30/10 "Dear Letters to Soldiers,

I work with the California 4-H Youth Development Program and coordinate a civics conference for high school students.  Our students will attend this citizenship event June 25-29, 2010.  I’ve attached an overview of our event.  We incorporate a service project into each year’s conference and are interested in knowing more about your July 4th banners for soldiers.  Can you please send me information?

Thank you."

Patricia E. , 4-H YD Program Representative

ANR-CA 4-H Youth Development Program

University of CA

3/25/10  Excelsior Academy Middle School made the most amazing and very artistic banners to welcome home our soldiers: You pick the winner:  We hope to welcome home the 96th and the 405th ARmy Reservists with these:

"We are interested in participating in the card and banner 4th of July service project. We are looking for more information about the project - dates, materials, etc. We have a middle school class which focuses on service as part of the curriculum. We use Fridays as our service days. We would love to set up a time in April for you to come. We have 5 periods of classes which participate in Synergy Service Fridays.

Thanks!" Rebecca P.Character Development and Service Education Excelsior Academy Middle School (Thank you Mrs. Wood for picking up and dropping these off to us.)

"Hi!  I am a teacher in Pittsburgh.  I noticed that you need banners from schools.  I would like to do this for you.  Can you send me some more information? Thanks,"  Rachel S.



"Hello, I am an Acitivity Coordinator at Sunrise Assisted Living in Fort Worth Texas we have a lot of veterans here who would like to send our troops some heart felt Thank You's. 
It would give our seniors a way to send some cheer and connect with another generation in the sevice.
It would also be a wonderful activity for our ladies of Sunrise, some who have never had children could write to a young man and know she made a difference in a boy's life  so far from home.
I sent some pics of our men on memorial day this year, they exercise every day with me, I had a hard time getting the men to want to do anything, so I called it Boot Camp Exercise Class, had camo hats, and a trunk full of exercise equipment and here they came, such stories they hold inside, that will be lost when we lose them, my job is so rewarding and is so much more to me than a job, just to see the smile on a face when I walk in the room and know I have made a difference in a life that thought it was over, so please help me make their years on this earth have some purpose in their golden years.
Thank You for your time"
Jennifer L. S.
Sunrise Senior Living
Fort Worth Texas

"Dear soldier,

I am in the fifth grade and my name is Skyler. I am writing you a letter to see how you and your friends are doing. How are you? I wrote a letter to someone in war last year and they wrote back and we were penpals. I waited for a couple months for him to write back but he never did. He wasn't really in war. He was a person who wrote letters or something. I can vagely remember. I was guessing he was sent home or something. He sounded really cool. He was about 21. Anyway, how is it where you are at? Is it horrible or alright?Have you ever been injured? Well please write back. I am really excited.


Skyler Charleston, SC

"dear soldier,  hello, my name is nick well I dont know what its like to be in a dessert, can u tell me how it is to be down there. When I grow up I want to be just like you.  Right now im in 5th grade, So i have a little ways before im old enough to join. sincerely"   Nick

02/28/10 " Subject: GMU interest in Letters to Soliders
To Whom it may concern,
 The Office of Housing and Resident Life at George Mason University is
 interested in helping your efforts.  There is a group of student leaders
that want to help out; raise money and write letters to soldiers.  We know
 that this volunteer work is usually geared toward younger students, but many
of our residents have seen friend and family go off to war and would like to
do something for our troops.  I wanted to email you today to show our
 interest and to gain information about what it is you need the most.

Thank you for your time, "
Suzanna E.
 Head Resident Advisor- Student Programs and Initiatives
George Mason University '11


"HI, my name is rohnesha and i go to school at springfield elementary and i like the way that your and your friends save our country. i also am scared because the way you are living in Iraq because people are dying who want to live their lives and that just the way we have to do things because we want to keep alll of our soldiers so you just have to do what you have to do some just like i was saying we don't want you to dye because we want all of our mens to stay alive and all of our mens are dyintg and i don't want them to dye because some that are dying have kids at home to take care of

Thanks for saving me and friends and family i hope you are doing the best that you can




February 25, 2010 Dear American Soldier of the US,

"My name is Amanda from Springfield Elementary in Mrs.R.class grade 5. What is it like being over there? Do you like it over there? Were you forced to go over there or did you want to go over there? My dad wasn’t forced to go over there, he wanted to go over there so did my uncle. What is it like over were you are stationed? You’re going to be an important soldier in the future for many reasons. One of the most important reasons you’re going to be important is because you had fought for our war and helped save or freedom. Well, I got to go. Please respond to my letter with the answers, when you get time. I’m doing a black history project in school, and I’m doing Rosa Parks. Bye!!




  "If you are a solider, and you are reading this, I would like to say thank you for defending our country. I would just like to say thank you. You guys are heroes to me. Thank you sooooo much. You're an inspiration to me.
    An 11-year-old Inspired kid in the U.S.A." Rick A.


Dear Soldiers,

Thank you for letting us be a part of your lives this Christmas/holiday season.  It is because of you that we have the freedom to celebrate this time of the year.  We appreciate all you do and encourage you to keep the faith that you will be home soon.  Hopefully our cards, letters, and reading material will brighten your day and make your task more bearable. 

We wish you peace, joy, and hope this holiday season,

8th Grade Students at East Jay Middle School

 Portland, Indiana


8th Graders from East Jay Middle School Care



All of the eighth grade’s Enrichment/Remediation Classes at East Jay Middle School are happy to be able to send cards and letters, along with some paperback books, to the troops this Christmas season.  The students felt this would be one way to let their character trait of Caring reach out and touch the lives of many who need to know we care and are proud of what they do to maintain our freedom every day of the year.  (This picture shows a few representatives from each of the ER classes who assisted in decorating, sorting, and packaging the cards.)

Canvas on Demand appreciates our troops! That’s why we started Operation Hi Honey, a program that gives hundreds of our deployed military men and women a FREE fine-art canvas that will be presented to their spouse on their anniversary. The beautiful 16x20 PixelPaintedTM canvas, created from a favorite photo, has the look and feel of a traditional custom painting. It’s a personalized keepsake that their Honey will hang in a place of honor and cherish for years to come. The free canvas is normally valued at $112.



09/ 2009 Special letter we picked out:

Contact_FullName: Ul.

Contact_Country: USA

"Hello there!

It is a hot July day here in Philadelphia, but temperatures are probably even higher where you are right now. My husband has been a member of the US Army during the cold war, one of my co-workers was in Vietnam, I have an brother-at-heart from Afghanistan - war is all around us. But there is also hope. Because of people like you and thousands of others dedicating their lifes to the idea of freedom. Thank you for that.

I myself am from Germany, I came to the US almost 8 years ago. The country I come from was warstruck before, badly. But the Americans didn't hesitate to help it up again. My Mom and Dad are full of stories from their childhood about encounters with American soldiers from the allied troups moving into their hometown - and all stories are good ones! My Moms first chocolate bar in her life ever was a Hershey bar :-)

Keep up your spirits, you are supported at home! God bless you and all your comrads!"Sincerely, Ulrike


08/07/09 From ProvoUTFreecycle Yahoo group owner where we collect many donations for our military and their families:

"Thank you SO much!!!    I so appreciate your willingness to share!  And for what you do for our soldiers and country! :o)

---you are fine with your Wanteds.......I understand now, and thank you for your Offers too!
Dawn :o)

07/27/09  "I wanted to first take the time as a soldier’s fiancé and a proud military supporter to thank you for everything you do for our soldiers; I know they appreciate everything you have done for them!"  Jess

07/16/09Thank you so much for this nice email, it was very needed as we struggle this year to raise the funds for shipping to our troops overseas:

"Thank you so much for this wonderful program.  Our VBS had a soldier visit the children and tell them how important it is to get letters from home when you are serving in the military.  Our children wrote letters drew pictures and we have them ready to ship.  Can you please give us an address to ship them to?" 

Thanks,  Sheila T.FBN  NC Fleet Operations Mgr.


"My name is Sherrill and I work at Build-A-Bear Workshop in Altamonte Springs, Florida near Orlando. We are launching a new animal on June 12, 2009 called Patriotic Pup. We are inviting our guests to come in that weekend to color and create cards to be given to our troops. could you please help with info on how to forward these letters on? Thanks so much!
Sherrill Campbell
Chief Workshop Manager
Build-A-Bear Workshop
Altamonte Mall
451 E. Altamonte Dr
Altamonte Springs, Fl."

"Dear Denise:

An elderly neighbor of mine collected a business card from you at a recent "tea party" on July 4th.  He provided me your information.  My local LDS ward makes quilts for humanitarian projects.  We usually provide them to Deseret Industries for distribution, but a few times a year we want to devote a month's worth of our tied quilts to other charitable organizations.  The lady in charge of the humanitarian quilts asked for suggestions as to places that could use the quilts sewn and tied by the 4th Ward.  This elderly neighbor enjoys seeing the quilt tops that I sew to help out the project, and he gave me your information because he thought you might know of an organization that could use a quilt donation.  He was so excited about it after talking to you about your "Letters to Soldiers" project that he insisted I contact you, even though I wasn't sure you would have a need or would know of any group that would want them.  I'm writing partly because he's so insistent that I try.  He's a Korean veteran and he just thinks these quilts are the greatest and he says, "I'm sure she'll know someone who needs them!"  So if you or a group you are aware of could use a bunch of handmade quilts, please let me know.  I would then turn it into the humanitarian committee for consideration, and make Jim happier than a clam fpr giving you a shout-out.
Thank you so much for your help!"
Kim N.

06/17/09 If everyone in the world were like this dear child:

"hi my name is addy i am 13 and want to send a letter to a kid my age in iraq and i would like to know how.


                                               thanks and this will make that kids day"




hey it looks like you do concerts for charity. my band, the yarrow, wants in. everything we do is for charity

04/05/09  "I was wondering if you need a band for fundraisers in the Boston area, or know who we should talk to to offer our services for fundraising events (we would of course be offering to play for free).  We're a semi-successful cover band, and you can check us out at www.soundasylumband.com.  We have our own p.a. system, and it's loud enough for outdoor events."


Watch For MIami Benefit Concert for the TRoops in Miami, FL later this year thanks to local Singers like: "My name is Jenny Lopez. I'm a singer from Miami, and an active volunteer in my community. I am very grateful of our brave soldiers overseas, and would like to speak with someone from your organization regarding  a care package drive, or fund raising event. I am currently a writer for a local tv station, and want to use the resources at my disposal (tv, radio, live performances).

04/02/09  "My name is Kira Y. and I work at Orem High School in Utah. My student council kids set up a letter writing campaign with the students of our school. I now have a few hundred letters written to soldiers and now I have no idea where to send them. Could you please contact me with information ?"


"My daughter has started a program at the Boys and Girls club in our community, call Fight for Writes, the children have written letters and drew pictures for the soldiers, do you have an address that I could send these to, so they get to the soldiers?"

Tracy L.| Human Resource Coordinator



"Jeez, thanks so much for the 'immediate' wealth of information and opportunity. I'm going to absorb what you've forwarded and take it from there. Thank you so much Denise. I've been trying for several years to support the troops through my work. I admire you,,,it's not an easy task. People just don't think about them, and even when I provided the cards, I still had to push them to fill them out. It's sad. I tried coffee donations for phone cards and left boxes out for games/dvds and whatever I could get. It's a journey.

A special woman named Helen touched my heart during the holidays. She read my advertisement in the paper and called me and thanked me for doing 'cards' for the holidays. She took my advertisement and we sat down and did a flyer for her senior apartment building. She collected cards and donations as well. There I was, having an 86 year old support my efforts with equal passion. We're still working on it. I can't wait to show her your information.

Again, many thanks....I'll be back in touch after viewing all of the links and info:-)"


"During December, I tried to get some cards filled out for the troops. I was a Soldier's Angel for a couple of years, but no one there responds to the letter writing team.

I have a handful of cards and some donations that seniors made toward phone cards. Can you tell me where I can send this to you?

I would also be willing, year round to place letter writing boxes in my business. As well as do a couple of benefits for the soldiers for fund raising.

My free time is slim, running my own business and raising a teen. But I can do what I can with what I have:-)

If this fits into your program, please forward the information."

Laura C.

"Hello! I am a senior in high school.  I live just north of Chicago and am interested in volunteering with your organization.  If I could get some more information about that I would really appreciate it.
Josephine H"

"Hi, I am the mother of a kindergartener and a second grader here in Michigan.  We would love to have the 2nd graders make valentines cards for the soldiers during their school party to send to the troops.  Please let me know how we can do this , thank you so much for your time.

 Jennifer W."

"My name is Haleigh H..  I am the leader of a service group for my branch of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  The women in our group would like to write letters of encouragement to the soldiers.  Could you give me an address to where I can send them all once we've finished writing them?  Thank you,
Haleigh H."


We are currently talking to Utah Board of Education to enlist all Utah School Districts to get all students of Utah to make a Christmas card, if you can assist please let us know.


"Hello - I was on your website and noticed that you are in need of volunteers for crafts.  I don't live in Utah, I live in Texas - let me know if that will be an issue.  Otherwise, I'd love to help in any way I can!  I can sew stockings if you let me know if there's a particular pattern or size you need.  Brandy, TX"
Thank you!

Special Labor Day card from a caring citizen: http://www158.123greetings.com/card/09/01/08/05




"My name is Margaret-.  I was recently crowned America's Perfect Teen.  I really want to use my title for something useful this year.  I was thinking of getting all the beauty queens that I know to write letters to the soldiers and while looking for information I came across your website.  Can you tell me how I might be able to organize a letter writing effort and get it to your organization?
Thank you so much.
America's Perfect Teen


"I am a 7th grade teacher in Tuscaloosa Alabama. I was wondering if it would be possible for me to get my students to write letters to soldiers overseas and send them. I have 90 or so students and I would love for them to have this opportunity. Thanks for doing what you do.

Meredith B."

07/12/08 From Mindi Abair with signed CDs:

Mindi Abair amazing female Saxophone artist and Ellis Hall from Tower of Power signed posters wishing the Troops to come home safe at the Salt Lake Intl. Jazz Festival!!

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From: Dawgyhear
Sent: Saturday, July 26, 2008 11:07 AM
Subject: Re: Don't miss this and pass this onto all teachers, schools and parents. FW:...Constitution at our Capital Aug 15 and 16th

"Dearest Denise,

 I am so sorry for what you are trying to deal with right now with your spinal chord injury.  Please be assured of my continued love and prayers for a quick healing and you back on your feet doing the great work you've always done for others.  You have truly been a wonderful inspiration to all of us...God's blessings on you, my dear friend. 

I am now the Director of my Parish's Religious Education Classes, and I am soooo excited I don't know which end is up.  Although this is normally more like being the "principal" and "administrator" of a school I'm going to work it more as a Youth Ministry, and what I'd like to do is get these kids involved with the work you're doing on behalf of the soldiers.  The school year starts in September, and I plan on doing quite a few things to involve them in caring for our soldiers.  I know the kids need community service hours - but they always do what I call the "usual" stuff - and I think they need something "new" like this to help them learn and care about the wonderful men and women serving our country and their families who've been left behind... Be assured you'll be hearing from me again about the service projects.   Love,Dawn" (15 yr. Director of Dog Rescue in Utah)

06/27/08  " To whom ever may be reading this, no matter if you are in the Army, Navy, Marines,or Air force, you ARE a hero! In a time of need you answered the call of duty and are currently serving your supporting country honorably. You have my full support and i personally support the war in Iraq in general. No matter what anyone says, you are a hero in my mind. My name is Jason. I am 15 years old and am a 10 grade student at freedom high school in Pennsylvania. I am currently enlisted in the Civil Air Patrol. When I am 18 I hope to join the United States Navy and become a pilot. I have full confidence in you. Your courage is my motivation to wake up in the morning. I just want you to know that you and all other men and women overseas are my heros! If you want to write back and have internet access you can e-mail me at  Jason Pittsburgh, P.A"

06/27/08 "Hello,

Going through my husbands first deployment i cried myself to sleep everynight for the first two weeks. Everytime he leaves for anything i cry the first two weeks. I have learned that those are the hardest times. He has never been gone for more then 6 monthes so i dont know what a tour of iraq would be like or any of that i just know that any little bit of anything i heard from him sounded wonderful. Just to know that he is ok. So i am checking up on you. I think that not enough people send letters telling you how much we apriciate you and that we do know how hard it is ( from stories i know we havent been though it but best we can do) When my brothers went to iraq we couldent talk to them at all and then when we could people didnt pass on the adress so that they would get it. When they got back they told me anything would have been good. I just want you to know you are apriciated and withought you none of what i do whould be posible. You all fight for our right to do anything. From eating to sleeping to being on the internet. I know alot of people dont show they care but i would like to show i do. If you need anyone to talk to You have my adress and email feel free to send anything you want i am always here to listen.

Thank You, A."

06/06/08"My name is Ned Zywicki, I am the store manager for a Macy's Department store in Las Vegas.
We would like to work out some kind of letter event for our service men and women by
the children in our area from our stores in town during a weekend in May. Do you have
a contact that we could talk to so taht we approach this correctly? My contact
information is below. I look forward to hearing from you.

Ned Z.
Vice President - Store Manager
Meadows Store"

"My name is Halston C.and I am currently a graduate student at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana. During the year, I hold an assistantship working with Boiler Gold Rush (BGR), which is a 5 day orientation program for first year and transfer students. Each year, during BGR, I am responsible for an event called “Late Night at the Recreational Sports Center.” This event is held two nights in a row so that we can accommodate the nearly 6,000 students in attendance (3,000 each night). This event is a chance for our new students to see what Purdue has to offer in terms of intramural sports, club sports, and recreational facilities. This year, I am interested in doing something new at this event. I would like to have a room set aside at the rec center, where students who may not be particularly interested in the “athletic” activities can come and work on a community service project. One of the ideas I had was to allow students to create cards for soldiers. I came across your website and thought that I might be able to partner with you in some way. I just wasn’t sure how it would work if I had hundreds (even thousands) of students involved and many many cards created. If you could please send me some more information on where we might send our letters and how this process might work that would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,

Halston C."

"My name is Ariana B. I'm a teen leader at a 4H camp in W.Va.
 As part of our my groups devotions I was thinking of having the entire camp make cards for the troops b/c our theme is about different countries around the world, but i think its important to appreciate our own country, and I know that it wouldn't be possible with the brave troops. If you could please send me more information about where to send them to, what the packaging requirements are, or any other information by Monday evening,as I do not have internet service at the camp, I would greatly appreicate it. If I don't hear back I may go ahead with the card making process and see about shipping them later.
That sounds great!
If you would like I could take pictures of kids making the projects and send them in a seperate envelope so you can catch the heartfelt moment. I dont know exactly how many campers there will be but no matter the number, this will be a great experience for the campers and hopefully will touch the lives of our troops
 Thank you so much. I'll email you later if I have any other questions.  

Thank you so much

God Bless
Ariana B."  

06/03/08 "My name is Jenny Lopez. I'm a singer from Miami, and an active volunteer in my community. I am very grateful of our brave soldiers overseas, and would like to speak with someone from your organization regarding  a care package drive, or fund raising event. I am currently a writer for a local tv station, and want to use the resources at my disposal (tv, radio, live performances) to raise awareness and collect letters as well as gifts for the soldiers. I'd need a contact person,  approval to ad a logo of your organization on promotional flyers, a list of most requested items by soldiers, and your support. Please feel free to contact me at your earliest convenience at 786-506-5076 or via email yourfavoritesinger@hotmail.com

Wishing you a beautiful day-- Jenny Lopez"

"to whom ever may get this

I hope you are safe and are able to keep in touch with your family. I also hope that you know we all apriciate what you are doing and how hard you are working. My husband is security forces so from the wifes point of view i can understand the long hours and how hard some jobs work compared to others. I am here if you ever need someone to talk to. I know there are alolt of people who dont send letters for one reason or another but i believe even the smallest bit of happiness could maybe brighten your time with out your family. I wish you the best of luck in all that you do.

Thank You"  Ashley

"Hi I am a Girl Scout leader interested in sending some letter and possible care packages from my scout troop overseas or maybe even have my scout troop adopt a solider for a year what type of programs does your organization offer we are located in North Carolina. thanks


"Hi My name is Brian J. I am in the Army working as a recruiter. One of the teachers I am working with would like to send letters to troops class has written."




Contact_FullName:      jflradio Contact_City:          Boise Contact_State:         ID Contact_Country:       usaContact_Email:         wolverine@jflradio.com

 "Hello again,

i am the owner of a online radio station, we support you all the way , thank you , thank you, for all you are doing and have done. to keep us safe. if there is anything that www.jflradio.com can do for you please let me know ! we have some vets that dj on our station, they play a tune for you every day and put the love out there for all the troops. You are not forgotten here, we love all of you. God Bless you all, jflradio"


04/17/08 "From our Massachusetts Auxiliary:

Hi denise,
   Well we are off to a great start here in MA. We have just put a box in our main office for the collection of letters and pictures to the soldiers, I am also in the process of gathering 150 stockings to get them ready for this Christmas. We will begin to decorate them this summer and then we shall stuff them full of wonderful things in Oct and Nov.. mid November we shall ship the stockings. We are hoping for a minimum of 600 letters, thanks a bunch and may you have a glorious day!"


"We would like the opportunity to get involved with helping our troops in operation freedom, I know we would be able to have a great impact. I would like to know how we can help, we are capable of collecting items and packaging them for the troops. We have many individuals willing to do what it would take, our individuals are disabled and have decided that they would like to be active in such a great cause. I need to know where I can either drop the packaged items off or where I can send them for the troops. We are very capable of raising the money to send the packages. we are approximately 800 strong. I will be connecting with local schools to help in the effort. I would appreciate any information you would be able to give me. May god bless you all for your kind hearts and souls.
Karen A."

"Dear Soldiers,

I know how hard you work everyday to keep our country safe. I had read an article on how troops are reciveing mental health issues and anger attacks. I could see how this would happen becuase by being in the sun for such a long time and running everryday I would start to go crazy. I also read in the article that one-third of the soldiers and marines believe that torture should be allowed to obtain information that could be very helpful. 10 percent of the marines and troops had said that they have mistreated civilians through all  sorts of violence.

Mental issues would cause a lot of marines and troops to be violent towards others. All of these mental issuses are caused by stress, anxiety ,and depression. THere is so much stress when being a troop, most likely, becuase everyday you have to worry about everything, including your family which causes the most depression. Lately many troops have been sent back to Iraq immediatly after coming back home, this makes troops deprest because they have to be away from there family again after just coming back from a 15 month trip.

Soldiers in Iraq are one of the bravest people. They fight for their country, have to leave loved ones for their country, and basically risk their lives for our country. They are the greatest, they are heroes to all of us. Thank you and hopefully the war will end soon so all of you can come back home where you will be thanked and pleased.

Sincerely,  Ara B."


 "I came across this web-site on my attempt to research and locate a fellow local soldier that has returned from his assigned mission to interview for an assignment that was distributed in class.  I've heard of various programs that have provided letters to soldiers but I never really focused or attempted to do so, until now.  I'm currently a PhD student at the University of the Incarnate Word. My focus of research is Organizational Leadership and in the process I was instructed to interview a leader of our community that depicts the leadership qualities that we have been studying for the past several years.  Most of my colleagues choose to interview local politicians, members of our community, business leaders or other people that have been labled as leaders.  However, I wanted to take a different approach and highlight the young and women that have serve in the military and display leadership qualities on a day to day basis.  You, the man beside you and everyone in your platoon are leaders that have chosen to embark on a path that few people dare to and in the process have sacrificed alot more for us.  Those unselfish leadership skills are worth mentioning and praising. Thanks for your sacrifice, your hard work and dedication.  Take care" !  Justin TX

04/01/08 Our Youth feel, respect, appreciate and understand the sacrifices  and losses by our military so well:

"Hello my name is Isaiah and let me start off by saying that this is a great opportunity and honor to be writing this letter to you, even though I may not know who you are or what you have gone through, i feel greatly blessed to write to you. I am 18 years old on April 2nd, played football varsity 4 years at John F. Kennedy High School, which I currently attend. I love basketball, football, mostly any sport, and I love the outdoors. I truly am honored to write this letter to you soldier, and i hope that through this letter i can encourage you to stay positive, no matter what you may go through, and to keep your head up. If there was one thing that I learned through my life experiences, it is this; regardless of the situation, do what you can to make your outcome be in your favor. Things in life are hard, and the path that you have chosen, though it may be dangerous, is the most courageous and brave thing a person can choose to do, and for that you have the respect of me, my family, and the whole community here in Sacramento, California, and at John F. Kennedy High School."

"A few months ago, I lost a friend of mine who was in the army. I could not tell anyone about this because my parents had forbidden me to talk to him and I had to lie about it and say that I was not speaking with.

Now, I cannot stop thinking about him and I miss him so much. The one problem is that I cannot speak with anyone about How I feel and I cannot explain this feeling to anyone because there are no words. I just thought I might find someone to talk to that can make me smile and that I can make smile in return.

I cannot tell you how much I appreciate what you are doing. I know that I can never put myself in a place like that and be strong enough to endure it. I hope that where ever you are reading this, I dont upset you but instead bring a smile to your face.

Thank You for what you have done and what you are doing.



"Our school has written about 50 letters to a soldier (or hero) in Iraq. Please provide one address to send the letters in bulk to be distributed.Thank You! Nicole M. Reading Specialist North Jefferson Intermediate"

"I was wondering how we could help?

We are in Western New York.
 Most Sincerely,

03/25/08 This is so special: "Hi. My name is Lauren . I have a son Jack, who is 7. He LOVES the Army. His older brother is in the Army. I bought Jack an Army outfit in Fort Sill, OK. He wears it just about everyday to school, and also in the summer months when it is 90 +. He comes home red in the face and sweating like a pig - but he continues to do this. He would love to send pictures and letters to a soldier. Please let me know where Jack can contact a specific "Army man" (as he calls them).  Please send attn: Jack  If you can, please send a picture so he can see you in an Army outfit. He has lots of pictures of himself in his Army attire he wants to send to you too! THANKS. Lauren"

03/24/08  "Hello,

My name is Joshua G., I am currently looking for a group to work with that I could establish pen pals for the middle school I work at.

The students are 6, 7, and 8th graders. We would have around 80-100 letters to send out. Any information you could give me would be appreciated."


"A friend of mine currently has approximately 200 boxes of girlscout cookies that she would like to donate to the troops in Iraq.  Could you kindly advise how to proceed with this matter.
Denise W."

03/17/08 "My name is Sarah and I am part of the Lakeridge High School AP Biology class in Lake Oswego, Oregon. We as a class must come up with ideas about how to leave a legacy in our community and because of the current state of the war I wanted to drive home the idea that not everyone must support the war but everyone should support the soldiers that are in the war. I felt that the best way that I could do this is to gather together letters from students from kindergarden through High School as well as parents and teachers in the school district to send to the soldiers that are currently fighting. If there is anyway that you are willing to send me some information as to how I might better accomplish this through your organization I would greatly appreciate it.
Thank you,
Sarah C."


"We did a program with a returning hometown soldier here at our library and encouraged the children who attended to write letters to soldiers in general. I now have a packet of letters but don't know where to send them. Do you accept letters of this sort? Or do you know where I would mail them to in order to get them in the hands of soldiers?


Tasha S Director Elisha D. Smith Public Library Menasha, WI"


"Some of my students will be making cards -- where do I mail them to? And, do

you need money for mailing them to Iraq? After you receive them,

approximately how long does it take to reach the troops?

 Romy Burkus  germantownacademy.org"

"I’m on the Board of the American Society in Sydney and I’m interested in more info re letter writing and packages.

Could you please email some details?thanks.Kind regards Mary Australia"


"Could we please get some information on writing and sending care packages to soldiers serving in Iraq. We are an elementary school student council who wants to do this as a whole school project. Any info you can give us would be very appreciated.
Mrs. O. and the
West Bountiful Elementary Student Council"

03/03/08 "I am a Girlscout leader in Sylacauga, Alabama.  I have a troop of 9 girls. Every year during our cookie sale, Girlscouts do a "Gift of Caring" Program in which we take up donations to buy cookies for a certain group of people. This year my girls decided to Donate the cookies to a Troop in Iraq.  We have purchased 12 cases of cookies thru donations.  We are just having a problem getting these cookies shipped.  If you can help please contact me by email or phone.  My name is Marti H. and my number is   Thank you so much and god bless"


"I am located in Los Angeles and I am looking for a organization that can ship donated GS cookies to troops. We have a event scheduled for March 22nd to collect the cookies. Is this something your organization can do. If not do you know of any other organizations like yours that could help us. We should collect around 50 cases of Girl Scout Cookies.
Thank You"
Renee T.
Hot 92.3 Radio
Burbank CA 91505

03/04/08 "I spoke with you at your table at the Orem Summerfest while I and my family were writing letters of thanx to our soldiers.  I recently was able to make 185 cards to send to the soldiers.  I think this is a great service  for the community to thank their soldiers.  I want to thank you for making me aware of what we could do to brighten our soldiers' lives, if only for a few moments.

Thanx  :o)"  ORem, Utah

Love ya lots!  :o)

03/03/08  "Dear Homie Troop,

I know that you are in Iraq, fighting to find mass weapons, so they won't bomb USA. So I just wanted to say thanks! Because of you, I have one more day to live. Thank you for risking your life to try and save us. Be safe and have a nice day.

PS- If you want to write back, you can send it to me at the address listed above. I am in 7th grade.

Thank you."  David

02/27/08 "Dear solder,

I am writing for my two year old son he is looking for someone to write to and tell them different things. He lost his grandfather earlier this month and since then he fells lonely and just wants a friend. His grandfather was his best friend, played the role of father. they spent every weekend together and talked on the phone every day. He told him all about his military life. If there is any one out there that wants to write to a little boy and for him to write back that be great. he said to tell you to day was great the weather was warm and he got to go out and play in the back yard. He road his bike and his batter motorcycle. He helped finish cleaning up the yard from were the tree limbs fell in the yard from the ice storm. He hopes to get to go out and play ball tomorrow it its warm. he got a tool set yesterday and has been taken things apart, he still laughing from when the table fell after he took the screws out of the table. this is the kind of stuff he well writ you about. please find in your heart and write a boy who just looking for a friend and someone who just like to listen to the things he does and comes up with. thank you trist.. and his mom"

02/25/08 "hello,

i wanted to write a little note with hope that someone will recieve it! my main aim is to make you smile!!

my company and i are currently teaching english language in spain and we had the pleasure of a weekend in Rota where we met some US soldiers,

There were about 10 of these huge american soldiers and three girls from England, Austria and Germany and after alot to drink (water of course) we were laughing and being so stupid like children.

The boys though were an absolute credit to their country absolutely wonderful, every single one of them.

I have never met such kind, caring men in my whole life. They were so humble and so brave which made me feel like i had to write a note.

 You an an inspiration to me. So brave and so proud. Amazing! Every day now it is the childrens favourite topic of conversation hearing about the afternoon i spent with the american soldiers!

Please be as safe as possible, my cousin unfortunately fell too young in britsh army 10 years ago. So I guess as a family member I know how hard it is for you, but please be strong, you are doing the best job, i could never do what you do. You are truely amazing and while there are still people in this world its definately worth fighting for.

Take Care and god bless you all  Heros.

love Emma, London"


"Dear Soldier,

It is 5am here, I have been web serving since 3am. Found a news story about a few Support soldiers w/letters, and here I am. It says to write as if you were writing a friend.

My friends call me Roxie..."

02/22/08 From a wonderful student in Arkansa to our soldiers:

"my name is Hanna I like what you are doing over there and i hope you come home safely to your loved ones I hope you like my poem it is called "A soldier" my teacher gave me the e-mail address i hope you enjoy what my class mates are sending love your way:

 "A Soldier"

A soldier is training for combat

Another soldier is almost down the hall

A soldier is in the training field getting ready A soldier is enjoying the fast lane while it last A soldier is crying because he has to go to war Another soldier is fighting for his life Two more soldiers come and help A soldier has lost his life protecting a child Another soldier is carrying a newborn baby home Another soldier just heard the news that he was not getting to go home A soldier call his family to let them know that he was not coming home A soldier’s family is devastated A soldier’s way might protect your freedom Tomorrow or it might be a better day A soldier has lost his life for another A kid dreams of his parents in the military A soldier that will never know his kid A soldier needing your help A soldier is glad to see visitors The soldier has received a mission A soldier finds out his wife is died A son of a soldier comes and lives with his dad in Iraq"

500 Valentines Cards were made by Utah School Students and are being sent FEb. 2, 2008 to our Utah NAtional Guard serving in Iraq at 2 Camps.  Thanks AF Jr High( 300 plus Valentines Cards were made by students seen below thanks to Mr. Young, who is always offering to do more, you are such an Example), and PG Jr High for making 100. We need to be invited with our Letters to Soldiers table to your Events this month in order to send letters, cards and items donated to our Troops for Valentines.


231 more cards came in from a Dallas, TX Elementary school, come see pictures under Letter Offers.  (We gave Lte. Taylor of Utah National Guard all these cards to take to his unit back in Iraq)


020308   "Lifesaver Dear Soldier

 Because of you, I am here Because of you, I am able to live freely Yet I do not know you And I have not done anything for you But there you stand, ready to fight And there you are prepared.  You've fought before  And you'll fight again For someone you don't know  So thank you Unknown Soldier  Fighting for me  I'm here because of you  And I owe my future to you

 Thank You so Much Your Friend, Cameron R"

012508 "I had my clients write short valentine letters to some soldiers. They are all mentally disabled.  We don't have a lot, but they were all excited about sending them.  Please give me an address that I can send them to, whether it's to you or where ever.  Today was the last day for one of our favorite employees because he is going into basic training.  We all have a soft spot for soldiers and would love to do what we can.  Thank you."

011608 From MO: "I just wanted to write a letter to express my apprecialtion for everything you do. I lived on a military post for a short time, (as a civilian), and worked at the school on that post. For that short time I got to know your families and even a few of you guys! I have always supported my military but after that experience just thinking about what you all do makes me a bit choked up! I just wanted to say thanks again. Thank you to your kids and your wives and your families. You all make me proud."

011008  "I think that what you are doing is awesome.  I am with an organization that works with people with mental disabilities and I was wondering if we could also make some valentines to send to the troops and maybe some letters or something along those lines.  I've been wanting to do something for a while and just didn't know who to send them to and what was allowed.  Maybe you can help me out.  Thanks for your emails and thanks for what you do."
Jessica Munk


"Dear Denise,
I was glad to hear of www.letterstosoldiers.org and before Christmas I sent a letter.
I have since then had emails from the recipient of the letter and this has been wonderful.
I just received the email about the valentines.
I will take a copy of the email to The Sharon Academy in Sharon, Vermont.
This is a private school and my daughter is a senior there.  All the students (147)
have to do community service.
This would be a fantastic project for them.
Please explain about the cardmaking supplies.
Do you send this to us?
If I can get the students to make cards, can you send me supplies?
I am excited about this possibility!
The sooner you can send me information, the sooner I can have an item put in the school newsletter.
Keep up the good work!
Let me know what I can do to help.
Jenny T."

010908 "Denise, I am the sponsor for a service club at an elementary school..I would like to help with the valentine packages.... Is there things we could collect or make for the packages?"

Kelly B.

Kelly S. B.
Rock Creek Elementary"


010508 It is letters like this that always touch all of our hearts: "

Dear Soldier,

My name is Grant. I am 9 years old and I go to a Christian school and I believe in Christ our Lord. Thank you for protecting the USA. I am going to tell you a Bible verse Psalm 23 verse 1-4 1 The Lord is my sheperd, I shall not be in want. 2 He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside quiet waters, 3 he restores my soul. He guides me in paths of righteousness for his name's sake. 4 Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,@ I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me. For the Lord is with all of you.

From Grant  in Minnesota"


“Happy New Year Denise!

Just got this sent to me, It touched my heart so much. You know, I watched the Dick clark count down, and there was nothing to say thanks to our troops. There was not one word of appreciation for our troops. We all need people to be actively involved in praying for our troops, in sending letters. It really upsets me that we as a country have not given these men and women the proper love and care they need.  Keep up the good work you are doing!  How did your New Years eve party go?  Enjoy the following story of our military below. Click here for the story and pictures of our brave men and women!

 Love LanternLane”


 "I am a social studies teacher in the Bronx, NY and my students would like to write letters to soldiers serving in the Iraq War. Can you please send me a mailing address and/or names of soldiers.

Thank you,

B. Whalen,  Social Studies Department

West Bronx Academy for the Future, 500 East Fordham Road, Bronx, NY"


122607   "Dear Soldier, I am writing to say hello and wishing you Happy Holidays. I was in Iraq during 2003/2004 and know how it feels to be away from home. Getting letters and packages on my cot and seeing them when I came in was about the best part of the day.  If you would like a penpal, I make a great one and would love the chance to show some of the support I received while I was there by the way of letters/packages. Please write soon,  thanks and take care"


122407 Utah Elementary Kids sent these 45 cards and 25 personal hand made letters:


12/19/07 An Elementary School in Silver City, NM went to visit an Army Hospital of Veterans to sing them Carols and had this to write to our Troops:

"Dearest Soldier,

I'm writing this letter hoping to find a sight to have my students write letters to soldiers. I hope this letter finds you safe and i would also hope you make it out of Iraq soon. I hope your Christmas is the best it can be under th circumstances. I live in New Mexico and teach fourth graders in a small town in Silver city. We just went to a state hospital to visit seniors citizens and other patients. The students sang songs and gave them all gloves as a gift. The students did not have a Christmas Party. They have decided to work on a service projects collecting non perishable foods and gloves, hats for them as well as the homeless and needy families in our community. I'd like to say thank you to you personally. We also had a Veterans Day program for all veterans that could come to thank them. So, thank you and I hope you get home very soon. God bless you and you are always in my prayers.

Brenda P."


"Dear soldiers,

It must be very hard for you to be away from your family. I'm a fourth grader and me and my class went to fort bayard to visit some people. It was so sad some people were in wheel chairs and casts. Then we made them happy we almost cried that's how sad It was. We even sang them songs with bells and of course music. They were so happy they even cried wow. Then we sang Winter wonder land. Then we gave them gifs like gloves they loved that. I even made a friend named leo. And saw my grandpa Luis that was cool. We took pictures with the people then told them that we loved them a lot. Then we got cookies, cream and juice yum! That was cool.T hanks, Bye

From Mariah Bye"

"My name is Elisabeth.I want to tell you how much I want to sing to you like my class and I did to the people who need help. We all sang from our harts today.It was so much fun! But it was hard to look in there eyes and see how much they were mising there family.It re mides me about you gyes. Bye.



"Dear soldier,

I am in forth grade.And today my class went to a care center to sing for people that are sick.We sang jingle bell rock,Winter wonder land,and jingle bells.I kind of felt sad becuse they weren't with there own family. Stephen"

"Today I sang to the people that need help it was hard to see that I felt puzzled in side I wanted to cry I knew they saw that I wanted to cry.   Love VEronica "

"Dear soldier,

You might no me I am sgt. jerry lewis son because if you do know me and my dad I probably know a lot about you because my dad tells me a lot about his friends. Most of them live in Las Cruces and white sands. Well merry christmas bye.

Love Harley"



"I have around 200 letters for soldiers. My school undertook this project and talked to someone earlier. Can you give the address? What can  I do to make it cheaper to actually mail it?"  Marci Matlock 4th grade Bilingual Carrollton Elementary


I am a school counselor at a school in Missouri and my students would like to send some homemade cards to soldiers.  Do you have or know an address I could mail them to?
thank you
Kelly B
Rock Creek Elementary

100 cards mailed to us to send to Iraq Fallujah camp by 2nd graders in North Carolina. (Click picture to see them close up)" Thank you for allowing us to send  these cards to you and for your time in assisting me, my daughter and her friends and classmates. *We would love to start a pen pal correspondence with the soldiers. These children are so excited to send these cards! Thank you" Click picture for more pics.


Some people have gotten Girls Camp teens to write letters as a project like these 142 letters dropped off at our Orem COSTCO Letters to Soldiers box, other teachers are having their classes write letters and volunteer community service hours, and employees are getting entire companies to write letters.  Ask us how you can participate in this way. WE can bring the craft paper and stickers for the kids to make cards.


"Please let me know how I can assist you in this highly worthy cause. As an ex-Marine who served in combat I understand the importance of having communications with the "world"." Michael

"I am writing you both to get help, and to offer help.

I heard your story on NPR this morning, and would like to help. I came to your website looking for ways to have my friend's children send letters to the troops, but wasn't sure how to do that for Mi. I know that hand-written letters would be best from the kids (digital can be so cold.) Do you have a snail mail address that hand-written letters can be sent to?

Secondly, when I got to your site, I saw that it has a ton of information, but could use a little help to make it easier for folks to know how they could help. I am an internet consultant and would like to offer to do a website redesign for you. As I scrolled through the site, I also saw that you needed a webmaster! So, I would like to talk to you about doing that for you!

Please let me know if you still need the help! I love what you are doing!"

Charlene J.

"We have 750 kids at our school and I would like to donate some sort of package. Do you have a local coordinator I can work with?

Also, Austin Foam and Plastics here in Dallas has agreed to ship for our school, Carrollton Elementary here in the Dallas area (north Dallas). Help me coordinate, please. Thanks!"

Marci M

4th grade teacher231cards!!!

Winner of best card from Justin.

"How awesome the work you are doing is and the difference it makes on all of the lives it touches.

God Speed the way to you."



"Thank you for putting that boothe together for our soldiers. I hope you survived the intesity of your weekend. I know it's a lot of work.

By the way, YOU have a great radio voice and an incredible TV presence, have you ever considered being an anchor woman or a DJ? YOU would be great at it! You seem like such a natural:) you definately are! Plus your striking beauty is always a plus:) I just have to give you a hand for all your hard work, and devotion. You are a powerhouse!You have blessed so many lives and I only and always wish for you success and the best things that life could bless you with. I hope things work out beautiful for you and Todd. Wow, he will be a lucky man, and you a lucky woman. I know he does love you, and you him. I know that "Cinderella will meet and marry her prince charming soldier". I pray for you and for him and for all of our troops. Thanks for being a huge part of our lives, and for all the opportunities that you create for others. HAVE HOPE, KEEP THE FAITH, AND KEEP UP THE CHARITY WORK! You have already grown in your organization, and it will only keep on growing! This I KNOW!

Thanks again Denise! YOU ARE A STAR

love Wendy (LanternLane)"

My name is Melissa H. and I don't know if you are aware of the girl who started the Valentines for Troops or the two kids who started Cell Phones for Soldiers. Anyway I wanted to let you know that as a business owner in Salt Lake City we have three stores for Liberty Tax Service and we participate year round in Cell Phones for Soldiers which get traded for calling cards, and last year had a roadside party for Valentines for Troops, what I am hoping is that we can work with you this year to hold special roadside parties for you organization this year during tax season. We can combine all of these great ways to support our troops. And I would be more than interested in having a box in each of our offices and would be able to get boxes into several other franchise owners stores. Please contact me so we can talk about how I can help you"

"We are an Assisted Living community in Sterling, VA on Rt. 7 across from Kohl's. We are having a Fall Festival on Saturday, October 27th from 11am-2pm. We are having music, food, arts & crafts booths, health screening and medical information booths, games and a Pet/owner costume contest.

We would be happy to save you a space to promote your very worthy cause. We are actually trying to start a letter writing project for our residents.

We are advertising this heavily in the community and hope for a big turnout.

Please call me if you think this might be helpful to your organization."

Terry G.

Activity Director

Monroe House Assisted Living

"hello my name is Sabrina Wiggins of Navy.mil and I found your volunteer request on craigslist. I noticed that Army Reserve Unit of 80 is having a Christmas Party and they are looking for entertainment and I wanted if my organization which is a non-profit 501c3 called Hip-Hope Education based out of capitol Heights MD, We have a song that we have performed for many events here called the Soldier-Soldier song and you can listen to it on our website at www.hiphopeducation.us along with other child friendly songs that we are creating for our children. The song on our website does not have the last verse recorded on it but I think you will love it and it would be an honor to come perform it at the Christmas party. I'm not sure what area you are in please advise because I have another friend that has a band that I think I could persuade to come out as well. I hope to here from you soon.

PS. I can also have our children to write letters to the soldiers as well. "

" With the help of their teacher Gary Dunn and , the students at Lone Peak High School in Utah, managed to raise $22,000 for the soldiers."

" Some American Fork residents are combating grief with giving. Sgt. Nathan Barnes, of American Fork, was killed by enemy fire while serving in Rushdi Mullah, South Baghdad. In honor of Sergeant Barnes, a group of American Fork residents is raising funds to send a 40-foot "Good Will" container filled with school kits, hygiene kits, newborn kits, medical supplies, toys, clothing, quilts and Civil Affairs donations for children and families in Iraq who Sergeant Barnes loved and helped during his service in Yusufiya and Rushdi Mullah."

I just saw your "ad" that was posted on Freecycle in the Provo, Utah area. I would love the opportunity to talk or email about a way that I can help out, and have a few ideas of groups that I can get together to help write letters and put together care packages.

My husband and I are back in the area as he is working on his MBA at Brigham Young University. I am part of the Spouse Association, and we have over 150 spouses that look for things to do in helping our community and beyond in whatever way we can. I would love to propose the idea to them, that we gather to put together letters and care packages, but I would like more information. I am also involved in our local Elementary School, and would like to approach the Principal about sponsoring a day that the children would all take time to write letters, and/or draw pictures to send to our soldiers. I also am in need of activities and projects for the Young Women in our ward....so as you can see, I'm willing and want to think of every avenue that I could put the word out so that we can help our soldiers have a wonderful Christmas as we take the time to say thank you to them! "

121107 "Hello! I have a group of 6th grade students who are fulfilling community service hours by writing letters to soldiers. I need some more information on how we can best send these letters or any other projects we could be involved in as a school too.
Megan F.
Vista Magnet Middle School
Vista, CA

12/10/07 "I am a third grade teacher in Washington State and my students made cards for soldiers. I wanted to know if you knew where I could send them so that some soldiers could be encouraged this Christmas even though they are far from their families. Thanks for your help."Denise M.

3rd Grade Teacher

Little Cedars Elementary School

I heard about your program on NPR and I would like to have my students use your web site to write letters to soldiers. We could put the school address down if this helps.

Thank you so much for the great work you are doing.


Maria S.
Middle School Computer
7th Grade Dean
The Berkeley Carroll School

Good Morning,
I am a speech language therapist at Saint Cloud High School. I am the therapist for TMH, ESE and regular ed. students, approximately 70 students. All my students would like to write Holiday letters to the soldiers. I would like to donate some of the items mentioned on your website in addition to our letters. Please let me know where to send our package. You are doing great things with your website...keep up the great work! :)

Warm regards,
Samantha S.
Speech Language Therapist

"I am in North Carolina, is there an address to send 150 Christmas cards created by my daughter’s 2nd grade class and neighborhood children? I would like to send them today. If I need to send them to you, I am happy to make a donation. Thank you so much!! I’ll donate $50 for the cards and whatever else you may need to use it for.

The least I could do (seriously). I have sent the cards to you via Express Mail (overnight – hopefully the mail does what it is supposed to!). The usps tracking number is (www.usps.com ). I made it to this in the amount of $50. I also enclosed a note mentioning that my daughter and her classmates would love to set up a pen pal correspondence with any of the soldiers, if that is possible.

Thank you again and I would love to head up a drive/campaign in my neighborhood for next year or perhaps mid-year (Christmas in July (smile)) for items that are in need. Please keep me informed.

God speed,God bless!!

Merry Christmas! Update, we shipped the 100 beautiful cards to Fallujah contact and got this nice note from Lisa: "Thank you Denise for allowing us to send these cards to you and for your time in assisting me, my daughter, and her friends and classmates. My daughter and classmates would love to start a penpal correspondence with the soldiers. If this is Possible, ....I can set it up through her teachers at the school. These children are so excited to send these cards! Thank you"

Lisa C.

From one of our volunteers and her son: "Great Job Denise! Thanks for the updates!

May the rest of your holidays be fantastic and all of your soldiers be blessed!"
Becky and James

"I have some holiday cards that students at Olathe North High School in Olathe, KS have written to soldiers. Is there an address that I can mail them to?

Thank you."

Gail Brumback
Newspaper/Yearbook Adviser
Distinguished Scholars-Language Arts
Olathe North High School
600 E. Prairie
Olathe, KS 66061

My name is Janaye' Lamoni 21/F Huntington Beach Ca. I have a whole mess of x-mas cards to troops but cannot send them to walter reed I would like to send them to Iraq how??? I have no address and have searched for one can you help?? please give me an address if you can!!


Update: "Thanks so much for helping me out with all these cards. This is the least I could do. I hope you have a great holiday season and Happy New Year!

Thanks again, Love Janaye

I have a student service group of over 100, and I am the character education advisor for a district that houses over 6,000 students. We would love to help with some donations, and more specifically the letter to the soldiers.

I understand that all materials must be forwarded to you by December 4th.

How do we begin?

Thank you,"

Dan Dooley NJ School

"I would like to send some holiday greetings to our soldiers in Iraq. If I write out the cards and mail them to you (with a donation for postage) can you see that they get to the troops?

And please let me know how much I should send for the postage.

I have about 40-45 cards (the standard size holiday cards).

Let me know and I'll get them to you asap.

Thanks for all your efforts.

Hi Denise.

Update: I mailed the holiday cards to you (hopefully you'll get them within a day or so). I sent them priority mail.

I enclosed a check for your postage costs.

I also left one of the cards open (feel free to read it). They all say basically the same thing, and I thought you might be able to use those with care packages or whatever. You're the expert on this, so I'm happy with however you send them.

Hope it's all going well for you and your work. Thanks again for what you're doing. "




As you can see I am a director of Children’s Ministries in Bethel, Ohio and for my Sunday morning class of 4th through 6th graders during December we are doing service type projects. Anyways, I heard about your work and your website when you were on NPR last week and I very much want my students to do this. My question is, if I have the students make Christmas cards or just write letters, what needs to be done for them to get to you? And then for them to get to the troops? And are Christmas cards OK or if we don’t get them sent out until Dec 10th is that too late?

Thanks for your help and the work you are doing."

"Hi, I am a Girl Scout leader from Iowa. We would like to send letters to the troops.

I don't know how to go about this?

Any suggestions?

Thank you

"Hi there Denise.

I'll get those cards in the mail to you asap. I'll write them out this evening (I like to do a personal message, hand-written, you know? I think it means more). And I'll include a check for the postage.

And I wish I could lend a hand personally but I'm in the Los Angeles area. If I lived close to you, I'd be more than happy to help out. I'm just glad I found you and your organization. So thankful for the work you're doing. My thoughts will be with you as you gear up for the holidays -- I know you have your hands full. You're doing a good thing! Good luck with all your work and fingers crossed that the postal service will work as hard as you do!



Alicia G. Director of Children's Ministries

Bethel Church of Christ

"I have a package of Christmas cards I would like to send out but do not know where to send them. We made them for our troops and I have about 26 cards from the boys in the Juvenile Detention Center. They're quite moving given these boys have lost their own freedoms. It would be nice if I could forward them on to you with a little money to ship them off. Could you please tell me if I should forward them to the address below?

writing letters to soldiers....too late?

Hi There,

Our family has 13 cousins who would like to write letters to members of our Armed Forces during Thanksgiving. Are we too late to get these off in the mail? We meet in Medford, Oregon. My mom runs Good News Clubs at Ft. Hood, Texas. Maybe she can take them back with her and they can be shipped from there? Anyway, any ideas would be appreciated.


Betty K

"Hello, my name is Carol B.

Today I had my students use your website, letterstosoldiers.org, to write holiday messages to our troops. What a great site. I really appreciate this resource!"

From Europe on Thanksgiving Day:

"Contact_City: Berlin

Contact_Country: Germany

Dear friend,

thank you so much for defending freedom and democracy in Iraq. Your service is not only a service for America, it is also a service for the Iraqi people and for the world. Even if it may not seem so at times, there are people all over the world who care about you and who appreciate your work. Thank you so much for helping to make this world a better and safer place.

Respectfully Yours,

Rainy River, ON, Canada

"Dear Soldier,

Thank you for going to Iraq to go fight so that we can be safe. Jesus loves you very much! I'm praying for you. My name is Ben M.and I am ten years old. Please write back! My address is Rainy River ON God Bless!


Ben M.