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Care Packages

Each year care packages are sent out to the deployed soldiers. Here are things that are collected and sent in the care packages.

Clothes and Accessories: sweatshirts, tshirts, gloves, scarves, baseball caps and beanie caps, running shoes for soldiers and soccer cleats/balls/gear for humanitarian efforts, games.

Personal Hygene/Nutrition: waterless shampoo/conditioner, foot powder, shaving cream, wipes, supplements, Colgate one use, wisk toothbrushes, waterless soap, pain relief creams, lotion, Steripen to sterilize water, shatter proof sunglasses, and sunscreen. Women's non-glass small cologne, make up, women's fun personal care products to help them feel feminine. We have a wonderful family of quality personal care products like Tahitian Noni, Nature's Sunshine and we need more Vitamin and personal care products donated by companies.

Electronics/Entertainment: music/movie and blank cds and dvds, webcams, laptops, cell phones, paperback books, writing material, flashdrives, cd players, digital cameras/camcorders, card readers, usb chords, and other computer components.

Food: discount cards to food places, dried fruit, jerky, nuts, snacks of all kinds, candy, treats, dried soups packets, and small powdered packages for drinks, vitamin single use packets, supergreens and other immunity building dried packets.

Miscellaneous Items: pillow cases, sheets, flags and decorations, toys for kids, posters,motel/hotel free stays, entertainment/concert tickets, shopping certificates, gift cards, and small Christmas trees and decorations, great paperback books or ebooks we can email them to pass around and positive motivating dvds

SSG T. filled up her Expedition with boxes of Royal Robbins, Burton Snowboard and other brand new Sample Clothes for the families, and tons of donated hand made quilts and other items for the soldiers and their families waiting at the unit for you guys. And Sharina, one of the FRG wives came with her mini van and we filled it with the rest of the items. They think Janet must have brought the 150 long sleeved wiching Moreno wool baseliner tops from Ice Breakers, New Zealand to Vegas to give to you guys when you deployed. I hope so. That was around $15,000 worth of clothing donated. I invited SSG Tarrant and the Wibergs to the Outdoor Retailer next January and you of course to collect as much great latest outdoor gear we can for the military as we can. Our Hero Teacher Sherese for her 5thyear in a row collected 4 large flat rate boxes stuffed full of 1000s of cards from Caches Valley/Logan Schools. Our wonderful Mary Kay Volunteer donated the great women’s gift bags, and so many more made beautiful things like the New York Young Womens group that made 10 gorgeous hand quilted Christmas Tree Fabric Card blankets.

The commanders came, Col , Master SGT, and others and told us how much the care packages from home mean to them. Cindy of the museum all by her self made to pots of potatoe soup to put in rolls, Chick Fil A donated 2 platters of the tallest riches Chocolate chip cookies everyone loved. The American Legion Post 19 two couples who are also Patriot Guard Riders and want to come to the airport to welcome you guys home and help me and SSG Tarrant put up 30 Welcome Home Banners made by the schools. We will have to have the biggest Welcome Home party next year, and I am also going to ask my friend Steve Watts if Talon’s Cove golf course and country clubhouse overlooking Utah Lake from Saratoga Springs will donate the venue of rhe Christmas Party, and get one of the restaurants to cater that or the Welcome Home party which one of the soldiers said "a band to dance to would be great” so I will ask all the entertainers that have volunteered graciously in the past to come welcome you guys home with their great songs.

So please enjoy the goodies and decorations made for the Holidays and the 25 plus cards we stuffed into each package from the Utah kids that love you guys and put up the banner we painted and signed just for you guys and let us know when they get there.

Oh by the way my friend Brian Wimmer, a famous actor and founder of XDance Film Festival for great outdoor extreme films, wants to invite the military to his event and Steve Watts of Talons Cove Golf Course has free certificates for rounds of golf for the soldiers.

We miss you all, we love you all and can’t wait to see you at the airport soon,

Denise, Cindy, Jenni and daughter, Angela and family, American Legion post 19, and many Lehi families that came to make your packages.
"You ladies are amazing!!! I am speechless. Thank you obviously doesn't express the gratitude in my heart for all that you have done for us. Your generosity and outpouring of love are humbling and uplifting at the same time. We are all looking forward to coming home, and it means so much to have all this love and support to come home to. You know we couldn't do what we do without your support. Thank you. I love you. I miss you. I am look forward to seeing you all again soon.

Your Forever Friend,

SFC G." 

For their families sacrificing so much while daddy's or mommies are gone up to 12 months, we would love to have donations of new toys, baby items, clothes, shoes, sports equipment, gift certificates, free services from carpet cleaning, landscaping, handyman, plumbing, electricians, babysitting, mechanic, and other family needs.

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY PACKAGES HAVE BEEN MAILED AND HERE SOME EXAMPLES thanks to Klymit and ICEtrekers, Mary Kay gift bags for two lady soldiers and 6 team leaders thanks to Carol Walden, letters for 150 soldiers from West Jordan school, Valentine's candies, cards, treats we bought, and more.

Here are examples of great things companies have come up with on their own:

"Letters to Soldiers, My name is Ann and I work for Sportsman's Warehouse. We have some DVDs people have bought to donate to the Troops. Most of the customers have also attached messages to the DVDs as well. I would love to drop these off.... Thanks so much!" We also received some with chocolate covered raisins from Provo, UT Sportman's Warehouse we included in the care packages.

"We've got more comic books than you asked for, and they are ready for pick up. Two locations: Dr Voltz Comics 2043 East 3300 South. Black Cat Comics 2261 Highland Drive (across parking lot from Cinemark Theatres). The geekshowpodcast.com listeners were more than happy to help. Wish the soldiers happy holidays from us all.

Oxoxox Kerry Jackson