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Special Thanks

Letters to Soldiers would like to give thanks to everyone who has helped us out in the past and in the future. We would like to give a special thanks to the following:

2011 Highlighted Businesses : A Big Thank You to the owners of TOKYO Restaurants for giving 300 Free Meals for the Soldiers and their families of one of our Utah units that just got back from Afghanistan. TOKYO Japanese Teppan Steakhouse and Sushi, 127 East Main Street, Unit G, Lehi, Utah 84043. 801.768.8875 and Thai Basil in Riverton provided Sushi, Potstickers, Wontons, Pad Thai, Thai Curry Chicken and Sweet and Sour Chicken for 300 people consisting of soldiers and their families. Thanks Alice they have the best food, teppan-style grilling, or enjoy fresh & creative sushi at our sushi bar. special Endless Sushi Lunch and Dinners! Throughout Japan – especially in Tokyo – preparing food is an art. The highly-trained chefs at TOKYO bring age-old, Japanese artistic techniques to your table. Intricate & precise knife and cooking skills, blended with a magician’s.

Tahitian Noni for 4 yrs of wonderful Noni Chews, 8,000 School Binders for Operation Military Kids and HAFB, wonderful lotions and more In their fifth year Tahitian Noni has given two sets of products: Lotion and After Shave Tonic. They have lots of new products for staying fit and anti-aging too this year. Thanks Jeff!

NEWAYS for 4 yrs of personal care products like the great shampoos, conditioners and the great sports rub.

Taylor Audio for donating sound, stage, lighting, video for all of our events since 2008.

LIfelong Memories Films for filming, editing and doing such great work of recording our efforts.

Tony Tuscano of Talking Pictures on ABC4 for making the best 30 second Spot.

UVU Digital Media Film and Website Design students for our wonderful promo video and previous website.

Hedgehog Solutions for duplicating 1000s of copies of our Operation Ensuring Christmas Wishes Video each year for 3 years.

Nature's Sunshine for vitamins, creams and Silver Shield Gel for past two years.

RUBIOS Mexican Grill in American Fork for making the best lunches for 320 Soldiers and their families of the 405th CA in 2010 when returning from Afghanistan.

Lindon WalMart for donating 5 custom cakes, roses, over $1,600 and wonderful support from Jackie and Christine.

  • Carolyn Brown Honeyville Grains, SLC for donating Brownie Mixes for 100s of Brownies
  • Honeyville Farms, Brigham City, UT
  • Carhart is making hankerchiefs and donated pens
  • American Fork Bank for 1,000 pens
  • Payson Market for 160 bags of Marshmellows
  • Fresh Market 10 bags of Rice Krips, Harmons 11 bags, WalMart in Payson 12 bags
  • Spanish Fork 1,600 sandwich bags
  • Orem Harmons for $50 or waters for event
  • Macey's in Orem for 1,100 Gallon Sized Zip lock bags for personal care products.
  • We could donate 500 CDs of "Endless Day" by The Mitch Hansen Band" Positive and Music Downloads.com. These CDs are inspired the by the popular "Twilight" books and are reallly great music. Utah Highway Patrol
  • Central UTah Surgical
  • Whitaker Sand and Gravel is paying their employees to come help
  • Subways owned by Santaquin residents
  • donation of 500 tubes of Alleviate Sport Cream that really helps stop pain by Neways
  • 500 great healthy drinks from Young Living Farms
  • 1,600 Calling Cards from Cell Phones For Soldiers and many other items being collected.
  • 1,600 small flags from Colonial Flags
  • 2,000 Hand Made Christmas Stockings from all over Utah
  • 100s of Hand Made Hankerchiefs made by grandmothers and great grandmothers in Utah
  • 1,600 packages of Dried Cherries from Payson Fruit Growers
  • CarrotBreads and Certificatesfrom Mimi's Restaurant
  • 1,600 10% OFF at Applebees and 4 $25 GIFT CARDS
  • Ice Cream discounted by BYU and purchased $67 by volunteer Caren from BYU
  • Brick Oven 200 FREE kids pizzas
  • Noodles & Co. 15 FREE SANDWICHES
  • And more restaurants for sending in certificates to give to military families
  • Odyssey Dance Theatre 200 tickets to "Thriller" for military families of deployed soldiers
  • 1,000 Utah Valley Magazines
  • 1000s of Christmas Cards by Utah Schools
  • 1,600 Candy Sticks from Kencraft Candy in Alpine, Utah
  • Thank you Deseret Books For donating 1,600 copies of "The Wednesday Letters" by Jason P. Wright
  • Thank you Chick-Fil-A for bringing 300 hot sandwiches and the cow, Rubios for 325 lunches, Mimi's for the Carrot Bread, Rumbi Island Grill, Applebees, El Pollo Loco, Cafe Rio, Brick Oven, Cheesecake Factory, Sunflower Market in Orem, Chuck A Rama, Chili's, Jwags, Costa Vida, Goodwood BBQ, Harmon's and other food places that gave us dinner certificates and food for the military families.

    Thank you OR generous donors for this Summer 2013: And below is the list of wonderful sponsors for samples to both military & families and their kids in our Survival Camp sponsored by Outdoor Nation Grant this

  • Thank you for posting the link of ( http://www.soldierspromise.com) about help for PTSD on your website, I am hoping our troops will take advantage of this wonderful program. My husbands unit is actually gearing up for another deployment, this one to Afghanistan. We don't know exactly when this will take place, but no later than next….. I will keep you posted of any deployments I hear of. I love your program and the positive effect it has on our troops, keep up the good work! If you have extra binders I would love to put them to good use, let me know how to get in touch with you. Thank you for your support and your continued dedication to our service members.




    Take Care,






    Christopher P. Abeyta


     "Hi Denise

    How can I help?"




    "Hey Denise

    I'll get something posted late this week...

    (Will put it) on Milblogging.com (and) hopefully other influencers will pick up your story.

    I'll also send it out via my Newsletter of 5,000 strong subscribers and I'll tweet about it to nearly 3,000.

    Thanks for all the kind words and more importantly thanks for everything you're doing.

    JP webmaster of milblogging.com




    12/28/08 From NG Public Affairs Unit in Iraq: Letters mailed to us:  Click their picture to see all the pictures they took with disposable cameras WalMart donated


    Dear Denise                                                                                          Dec. 9, 2008




    You don’t know me but I have been blessed at your hand as a Soldier in Iraq.  My name is Sgt. W.  I know, I know, it looks like a fraud, but that is really my name and I am a 26 yr old male originally from P..  I’m really good friends with your buddy D. and he gave me one of the many care packages you sent just recently.  So I had a little time to stop and say thank you, because that care package was the best care package I’ve received.  You could just tell that everything was well thought out and carefully prepared for someone you didn’t even know, so thank you for your thoughts, your time, your heart and not to mention the money and effort that went into these care packages.  I have told my parents not to send me anything because I have everything I need, I even went as far as to not give them my address, but you know, it’s good to get something every once in a while.  So thanks for making me feel special and that there are people back who actually take the time to think of us out here, it’s actually quite gratifying.  This Christmas ill be the first I’ve spent away from wife and kids and every little bit helps, but you gve a "big” bit, holy cow!!!  As I was going through the box, I couldn’t believe the stuff I was pulling out!!!  That A Capella CD is freaken awesome!  I haven’t listened to the other CDs yet as I just got the package last night.  Thanks Again!  Things here are steadily progressing and elections are coming up in January.  Iraq is slowly gaining the ability to become a sovereign nation and is taking the necessary "slow” steps.  We’ve been kept safe out here and I believe it will continue.  Thanks again and Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones.




    W.SPC Ni.  National Guard


                                                                                                   December 8, 2008




    "Dear Denise,  What a wonderful care package!  SC Y. shared the boxes you sent and I absolutely loved the one I got – cute stocking, wonderful music, a copy of The Christmas Box (love that story), adorable handmade cads from elementary school kids and plenty more.  Although, I have to confess my favorite was the package of Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies.  I didn’t like the change to the recipe from the last year so I was excited to see the old style again.


     We’re getting close to the end of this deployment, but I’s a strange feeling.  It’s close enough now to start planning for it; but, still far enough away to be unreal sometimes.  Friendly care packages from home are the best way to keep our spirits up and remind us what’s waiting for us when we get back.  Not just family and loves, but a whole community of people with open arms and hearts.  Thank you from the bottom of mine.










    Letters to Soldiers


    Attn:  Denise D...9 December 2008




    "Dear Ms. D... (reponse to your Christmas care packages dated 2008,12 01).


    First off let me convey my utmost and heartfelt thanks to you and everyone else who participates in "Letters to Soldiers” for your efforts in putting the care packages together for me an dmy crew; they are wonderful and the kids who made the cards are artists in bloom! J




    As you may or may not know I have been in the military for nearly 8 years now and am serving my second tour here in Iraq.  I am currently serving with the  and we are attached to the Public Affairs  and Multi-National Division  ( out of Fort Hood, Texas and Carson, Colorado).




    We are military journalists who tell the Army’s Story, be it in print, photograph or video.  Our job is to cover our troops and paint the ‘real’ picture, which sadly most of the media back home seems afraid to convey.  In any case, we enjoy this job; covering our fellow servicemembers, especially because of those who’ve laid down their lives in defense of our nation and its liberties.




    Well my friend I surmise that this is satisfactory for now.  I wish I could type an infinite amount of meaningful lines, but even as a journalist; I don’t always know what to say.  Christmas is not far off now and after that there are only 2 major holidays left until I am back home! J




    In the meantime, please take this as an open invitation for you and any "Letters to Soldiers” participants and friends to write to me.  I will always write you in return.  While it is very faint, the light at the end of this tunnel has finally come into view.  Here’s to hoping it keeps on coming quickly.


    My Thanks and God Bless you all,


    Spc. D.”


    PS Although you live in Orem are you still going to cheer for my beloved Utes against Alabama? GO UTES!  The Concert DVD


     was Great!”


    Our 1,000 packages for the Marines arrived and Chaplain Harding drove them all over: Click pictures below to see


    rest of pictures:






    Here are some photos. There will be a couple of more emails with photos. Marines were touched by the gifts. Thanks again for putting this together. I know it must have been a stressful undertaking.


    In addition to supporting military organizations do you do other things?






    Classification: UNCLASSIFIED


    Over the past few days we have received all of the (1,000) packages. I will have to pass many of them out prior to Christmas or they will not all get out. My unit is not all at the same location and I don't have my own transportation assets to take them to all of the guys on Christmas  Day. Also, I will probably take most of the photos with my digital camera and email you a link to a photo album where you can down load them. We will definitely get you some.


    Thanks for all of the effort you put into this. I know the Marines will appreciate it.






    Chaplain B. (1,000 Marines)


    From Aeromedical Hospital in Kuwait:  A1C L.




     I think we’ve gotten all 100 packages now. Wow! Thank you! We’ve been wrapping them up and putting them on the beds to greet the patients as they arrive. We also have a few under the Christmas tree. We’re not doing great with taking pictures of them opening the boxes, but we’ll try to do better and send you what we can. Just wanted to say THANK YOU!!


     - Logan"


    From an ARMY wife:


    ".and I have already listened to the music and it made me cry..I thank god everyday that we have people like you who make such a difference in our lives..The men of pathfinder company will be very happy..If I may can I have my husband send me pictures to e-mail  to you? Maybe you could post them on your site…I will let everyone know about this site, I have many friends with husbands deployed in different units!


     Thank you again,"