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Service Projects

Sub 4 Santa for Military Families
We are collecting grocery, gas, clothing, entertainment, hotel/motel gift certificates and other donations for families of deployed soldiers that have been hit the hardest during the time mom and dad is serving overseas.  Thank you Royal Robbins, Burton Snowboards, Icebreakers and other companies and volunteers that have donated wonderful clothes and gear, made beautiful scarves, quilts, Christmas Stockings and other great items.  We are also looking for venues to have Christmas parties for the families this December 8th, 2012 for one military unit for about 200 people.  The deployed soldiers won't be at home for the Holidays and we wish to throw the best Christmas party for their families with entertainment, catered food and gifts.  Please contact us if you wish to participate.
"Classification: UNCLASSIFIED



I wanted to say thank you for everything you did for us this weekend. My

family and I had a great time. It was very nice.

I have requested from Mrs. W. and Mrs. I. FRG leaders with both deployed companies, the names of any families that

may be struggling. So we can get special packages together for them. I do

want to talk to you about how to distribute the rest of the goodies. I have

a couple ideas.

Thanks Again!!"

SSG Angela T.

405th Civil Affairs Battalion

With the help of volunteers across the US and the world who write letters, make cards and banners and hand made items to send our brave and selfless deployed military men and women, we hope to show them that we have not forgotten their great sacrifices for us by shipping special care packages to them. We also collect support from the community for their families while they hold down the fort at home. EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW IS IN THE VIDEO on the site. Letters to Soldiers has many opportunities to be of service whether it be donating goods or helping put together care packages. Here are a few opportunities offered to help out Letters to Soldiers:

2012 is under way with OPERATION ENSURING CHRISTMAS VI. Volunteers needed for calling companies for Grants, donated items and hosting/volunteers for Packaging Day in October. Looking for a company to host and sponsor Letters to Soldiers Annual Golf Tournament for their employees. We will also be sending Valentine's Day (Sent), July 4th Cards from Schools all over US.

  • We need volunteers to follow up with schools all over Utah to collect those cards and banners.
  • Looking up company contact info on the internet (Google things like Running Shoes, Sporting equipment, electronics and computer games, DVD movies, CD music, laptops/Ipads, webcams, cameras and camcorders and so many more items they can use).
  • Calling Companies for donations.
  • Finding and coordinating volunteers to make stockings, school cards/banners, and other hand made items.
  • Setting up booths at festivals and other events, coordinating Welcome Home, Christmas Parties, Concerts and other events for military.
  • Printing online letters, getting supplies donated by companies like paper, ink, electronics needed Fundraising, media PR, and other professional services Webmaster and other digital media.
  • Media Press Releases, Coordinating collection of donated items, packaging, printing prepaid labels and customs forms, pick by USPS School Assemblies, collecting cards, letters and banners and helping schools do fund raisers, donated items collection, etc. Scouting Eagle Projects, School Collection of items, cards, letters, and funds for shipping: One Scout earning his Eagle collecting 3,000 cards from Alpine School District, Logan and Cache Valley covered, and Washington County, now we need help with other counties year round for all holidays and Great job for 4th year our #1 teach Sheresse Merrill for collecting 3,300 cards from 26 schools in Logan and Cache Valley schools.
  • Collecting cards, letters and banners from schools, helping print online letters from our website, helping match up penpals with service members and more.
  • Helping with Social Media posting daily on Facebook, Twitter and other sources.
  • Making hand made items like Christmas Stockings, Patriotic Pillow Cases, knitting hats, and other wonderful things you have talent at making for the military away from home.
  • Googling contact info of companies for items listed on our "Care Package" page, grant writing, fundraising like helping plan a corporate Golf Tournament.

Just email us at info@letterstosoldiers.org to join this rewarding effort. We wanted to post on our website some tasks that people in the community can do without a lot of training or expense. One of the things that came to mind is to suggest they make welcome home banners. Since we’ve worked with you on this before, I wanted to ask you a few questions: Are there any recommendations or standards for size, colors, and especially for content (what should be there, what cannot be there)?

Any size, colors, just positive Thank You's to our Troops, Merry Christmas too. Can they deliver the banners to you somewhere or would you have storage problems, and related to that, how many banners would you need in, say, a year? (We can take 100's for deployed soldiers from Utah and some other units that ask us throughout the year from around the country). I don’t want to suggest a project unless there’s a real need for banners without overwhelming your capacity. I know Hill AFB has taken a few from us. Do you know of anyone else who would accept and use banners? I don’t want to create a situation where any of our agencies would have to take on extra work. Your thoughts Nancy? Emergency Services Specialist American Red Cross of Northern Utah.