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"You ladies are amazing!!! I am speechless. Thank you obviously doesn't express the gratitude in my heart for all that you have done for us. Your generosity and outpouring of love are humbling and uplifting at the same time. We are all looking forward to coming home, and it means so much to have all this love and support to come home to. You know we couldn't do what we do without your support. Thank you. I love you. I miss you. I am look forward to seeing you all again soon.


Your Forever Friend,"


"Classification: UNCLASSIFIED


Caveats: NONE


Hi Denise!


I am currently in Vegas. I attended the Christmas Holiday party. I gave


away many of the clothes and quilts to the family members present. They


were the "prizes" for knowing the answers to the questions I asked during


the training. Everyone was able to get something. They especially loved


the quilts.


Since I was unable to attend the party in UT, I am going to try the same


thing with the Yellow Ribbon event. It keeps their attention to know there


are prizes and everyone gets something of their choosing! A win-win




I would love to meet with you when I return to UT if you have time. We are


in the initial planning stages for our Welcome Home for our Soldiers. I was


wondering if you might have any suggestions for us.


FYI: SFC G... should be home very soon.    I'll let her know to get in touch with you.


Thanks again for your help and support!

Letters since we started bring tears to my eyes and remind us all why we need to keep the letters and care packages coming:

01/22/11 From a Retired officer of the Utah National Guard:

"Comments like these from MAJ Jones to you are both thoughtful and well deserved! I very much appreciate people who take the time to acknowledge your dedication and the hard work you have put into making Letters to Soldiers a viable and respectable organization."  Don

"You are awesome and our unit loves you and thinks the world of you.  Thanks for doing so many wonderful things for our Soldiers and their Families."

Maj. Jones

12/05/10 "Denise D. & Letters to Soldiers Friends,

 The 934th Forward Surgical Team at FOB S. Afghanistan would like to send you our warmest wishes and most heartfelt thank you for the wonderful letters and the great care packages.  We want everyone that participated in this project, which obviously was done with love, significant time, and great effort, that we very much appreciate what you have down for us.  It is not easy for us or our families to be separated for such a long period.  Our team provides medical care to wounded Soldiers and Afghan people.  We are sadden whenever a wounded Soldier comes to our clinic, but we feel honored to be able to help out in anyway we can with their healing so they can return to their families.  Something that has been a tremendous help for our team is the amount of support we receive from back home.  The kindness and support you showed to us in the nice things said in the letters and the fun gifts in the packages makes us feel uplifted and helps us know that we are not alone in this endeavor.  We wish all of you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  Thank you for taking the time to lighten our load and brighten our day!

 I attached pictures of some of the 934th FST Soldiers opening their packages and a copy of our team Christmas eCard.

 With Sincerest Thanks,"

 1LT A. A. , SSG N.C. , & the rest of the 934th FST Soldiers

FOB S., Afghanistan

"Oh, thank you so much, Denise!!  My assistant and I are heading out to day, in

fact to a couple of FOBs and are taking their packages with us!  :)  You are

the best - tell everyone thanks, again!" 


11/05/10  From Brigade of 350 Soldiers from Utah in Iraq:

 "Dear Denise,

 Hello!  We received the first of the Christmas packages today.  Just so I am

tracking...each individual box goes to one soldier, except for the ones that

specifically say for two soldiers - is that correct?  I do not want to open

them up - so if each box is for one soldier, I will put their name on the box

and get them out as soon as I can.  You guys are all so awesome!  Thanks so

much!  I will try and get some pictures with the soldiers receiving the boxes

as I am telling them to wait until Christmas to open them up."

Chaplain b


"Good Afternoon Sir/Maam,

My name is Bernice and your web page and the mission that you guys are doing is amazing. i am contacting you with a question and concern. my daughter just graduated highschool, she is 19 years old, graduated boot camp and from her school got shiped to afghanistan. she still has 12 more months in Kandahar Afghanistan. i was wondering if you could send her some letters filled with love, and also maybe a package or two here and there. this will be her 2nd time missing every single holiday because of the marine corps. this is her 2nd time eating at the chow hall for thanksgiving. and working during halloween. i miss her dearly and only talked to her twice since sees been deployed. the last time i talked to her their was a rocket atack over the phone. please add her to your list. thank you

her name and address is......"

LCpl mC., B.


About the 339 CAre Packages we mailed to the Army Reserve 

"I was in T/over the week-end. I saw the results of the boxes that were sent there. Soldiers were lending me their cards and sharing the goodies. From the looks of it, it was a very appreciated gift.

I thank you for them. It made them happy and surprised that someone was thinking of them."



Classification: UNCLASSIFIED

Caveats: FOUO

"Yes Ma'am. You can address to either one of us and they will be taken care of. Again, we appreciate all of your efforts as well as that of all your staff and volunteers efforts to make our holidays brighter."

S. W

CSM, USA   AF, Afghanistan


"You can mail me the packages and I'll make sure the  command get them and sends them out to the soldiers. Mail is pretty good here, but give me some lead time because mail can be slow in country. My address is: D..

Thank you,"



Here is the name and email address for the chaplain in Afghanistan

who is supporting the soldiers from the 4 Battalion.

She is: Chaplain (Captain) D.. Her email is:

Chaplain S. will be able to help you with appropriate names

and mailing addresses to get those wonderful packages to the

soldiers from Utah."



CH (LTC) T., Brigade Chaplain



"My name is SPC S. and I am stationed at F.. I am currently with the ...Battalion that has just recently come back from Iraq. My MOS is Chaplain Assistant, which means that not only is it my job to take care of my Chaplain, but also my fellow soldiers. Since 40th has come back from Iraq, I've noticed the problems, mainly emotionally, that seems to plague the soldiers. The problems seem to be dealing with spouses,family members, and children, and in some cases even dealing with each other. So, I guess I'm writing you all because Independence Day is around the corner, and I was thinking what better time to show those soldiers some appreciation than on the 4th of July. So if you could help me out and also my Chaplain--he literally spends his entire workday counseling soldiers and spouses on everything from depression to suicide to infidelity...and believe it or not, that takes a toll on you after awhile. We would appreciate anything to show the soldiers that they are appreciated and that Americadoes not forget the sacrifices they're making. If you would like to do anything then just reply back and I'll send you whatever information you need! Thank you so much for just reading this..."


"If you could send us 300 letters, then that would be great! You have no idea, how much I appreciate your help and your spirit! The address is the same. I realize its kind of late, but hopefully they will get here before the 4th. And just whatever you can send, is very much appreciated...whether its cards or letters...I dont want to be a strain on you or an inconvenience...I believe that God has made you and your organization a blessing to myself, my Chaplain, and the soldiers. Keep up the good work and He will add more blessings to you and your organization. I can't say enough about how thankful I am of your support!

God Bless!

SPC S."  "Wow...your dedication to these soldiers will not go unnoticed. I will pray over your organization and also let these soldiers know what a sacrifice you've made just to get the letters and cards to them. I honestly cant say this enough: THANK YOU!"




                                                         DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY    



                                                           January 11, 2009



Denise  Of Letters To soldiers



Dear Denise,


We are writing you to thank you for your offering of support to us while we are here in Afghanistanserving in the military. Thank you for all of your long hours and many efforts to make this holiday special for us.  Thank you to all the supporters of your efforts.  Soldiers have thanked me for your kindness.  There were a number of soldiers whose only package for the holidays was the one you sent to them.  Because of you no one was forgotten.  Thank you for your support. Thank you for caring enough to do such a nice thing for us.  Thank you especially for your prayers.  We have been blessed by your faithfulness and we thank you.

 We were able to get a few pictures that we will send to you through e-mail.  The soldiers were very appreciative of the support from home and I was glad to be able to distribute the things out to them. It means so much to get something in the mail (Most of us are blessed to have e-mail, but nothing beats receiving something in the mail). Many of our soldiers are in remote locations without the possibility of going to the store or having many of the luxuries of home, so your kindness was especially significant to them.

 We should be returning home soon to our family and loved-ones, but we wanted to make sure that you know how grateful we are for you and how much your kindness helped us get through this experience.  We have received items from great Americans in many states Kentucky, California, Utah, Nevada, Montana, Arizona, Colorado, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Hawaii just to name a few. We are honored to serve wonderful patriots like you. It makes our sacrifice so much more meaningful.  Thank you again. May God’s blessings always smile upon you.


Chaplain M

and The members of the National Guard Battalion



"Well, we could use care packages, letters, etc.. Just looking for things to boost the morale of everyone. I myself am only a PFC. So I'm low on the totem pole. But, I do my best to make sure no one here is depressed etc.   I have my X-box 360 with a TV I got just for other people to play. Just to get their minds off everything. I am also the Computer guy. So I help everyone with pc problems etc.

There is 40 of us. 2 of them are females.

I do have a question. I was trying to look around for maybe a shoe company to sponsor us or something like that. Any idea on how ide go about this? Just about everyone here needs new running shoes. The stores here charge about $130 for a pair of $20 shoes. So not everyone can afford it. I thought it would be a neat thing if I could get a company to do that for us all. That would brighten every ones days."

"Dear Sir/Ma'am,

My name is PFC P.. I am currently in Afghanistan. The platoon I'm with, myself included have all been here for about three months. We are the  Engineers. We were brought here to help build part of Afghanistan up.

I was looking online and came across your site. Now I see that you all talk about soldiers in Iraq. I was just wondering if you did anything for soldiers in Afghan. To most of us, this will be our first deployment. I myself have only been in the ARMY for 9 months and here I am. No break to see the family at all.

So I thought it would be good for me to find a organization such as yourselves. Figured I'd give it a shot and see what happens.

"Thank You,  PFC  P.



Continued on Special Thanks and Donate Pages