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Way's To Donate

Special Requests

Letters to soldiers offers a few options to donate. Please choose the option that facilitates you best.

Donate Funds for shipping costs: Sponsor just one deployed service member to get a care package for only $10.50.

Donate Goods: We are always looking for special things from home to send to our deployed military, even the small things count when you are far from home. Hand made Christmas Stockings, decorations for all holidays, cards/banners and other things made by kids, quilts, knitted and other sewn things, pillow cases, sheets with patriotic theme, flags, Rice Krispie Treats, brownies and cookies wrapped in saran wrap and then ziplock baggies with personal labels of Thank You, and other great homemade things.

Special Request: If you have something that is not listed, please let us know. We are looking for anything to brighten a soldiers day! Visit our volunteer page "Care Package" tab to see how you can be part of this great effort and for a list of ideas of what to donate.

Letters To Soldiers is a purely volunteer operation that ships letters, care packages and supplies to our troops serving in Iraq, Afghanistan and hospitals in Kuwait. We've been working hard to ship out as many cards, stockings, and care packages as possible to our troops for Christmas! We also collect other donations for their families holding down the fort without mom or dad, see "Care Packages" tab under Volunteer section.

For just $12.65 you can sponsor one soldier to receive a package. By making a donation as small as $12.65, you can provide one soldier with a flat rate box full of goodies from home.  Please contact us to get care packages to the units we are supporting!

Please come watch our Operation Ensuring Christmas Concert Gift for all military, their families, Veterans and those who love them: http://youtu.be/STMa8ynVIcQ and http://youtu.be/BbMA0T8jTms.

You Can get a copy with all the Artists: Diamond Rio 2 songs, Allison Janisse #1 on the Independent Country Chart Song, Angela Winston 4 songs, The Moleni Brothers 3 songs, GI Jill Stevens, Lantern Lane, Drew Reese, Jaden Bliss, Margo Watson and see the whole event on our Operation Ensuring Christmas Concert DVD. For only $12 sponsor one Deployed MIlitary service member to receive a care package. Just go to Donate tab above and specify the $12 tax deductible donation is for the DVD.

Operation Ensuring Christmas for Families V and VI

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Thank you Endicia in our 5th year of being sponsored by you to print pre-paid postage labels for soldiers' packages. We have purchased over $36,000 of USPS postage as of 01/21/12!
Thank you again Endicia for helping send 200 more care packages in 2014 sponsored by AMGEN: (Where all the funds donated go:)
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Here are the reasons we continue to do what we do:  

Sent: Sunday, October 05, 2008 2:41 PM
To: Letters to Soldiers
Subject: RE: CASF

" Got your package today, and we're distributing the letters now. We also   

have a guy here who's been giving the contact info for the emails so   

some of the people will receive responses to the letters =)   

 Thanks again!”   

- Logan      


From: Letters to Soldiers Sent: Friday, September 26, 2008 11:38 PM   

To: L.   

Subject: RE:  CASF   

 I will get a package out asap for the wounded in your facility too, I   

love sending them the special cards we get from children.  This is very   

exciting for us to help in this effort. Also remember when you do move,   

to pass on the batton to the next unit in charge so all injured get our   

cards and letters nonstop.    

 Thanks for looking into the military shipping if possible. My friend is   

a Navy doctor in MD and he can help too. T hansk D. -----Original   

From: l.r   

Sent: Friday, September 26, 2008 1:14 PM   

To: info@letterstosoldiers.org   

Subject:  CASF   

 "To whom it may concern:   

 I was wondering if I could register the facility I'm working at to   

receive letters and other support items. We are the  Contingency   

Aeromedical Staging Facility located at ……. Air Base, Kuwait.     

We receive patients that have been medically evacuated from different

parts of Iraq, some battle injuries, but lots of other issues too. I   
used to work at the CASF in Germany, which had a USO in the facility.   
 The USO provided lots of support type letters, posters, artwork, etc.   

The CASF here in Kuwait doesn't have much of that, and I am in contact   

with the USO and other organizations to help boost the morale of the   

sick and injured troops on their way home. Is there a way we can   

register the entire facility? Thanks for your time and support.   


 -A1C L.


07/14/08From a Brigade in Iraqneeding supplies from home:

"Letters to Soldiers Personnel,   

My unit 41st …..) is currently deployed at FOB D., Iraq.


We're located in a rather remote area. It's in the W., by A.. There are very few places for Soldiers to hang out or purchase items from. All that we have is a small PX (about the size of a 20ft trailer), a Green Bean Coffee (just opened last month), a barber shop (opened last month), a MWR (not in the greatest care due to other Coalition Forces), and a gym.     

I was wondering if our unit could be on your care package list? We have two battalions that are here and the brigade headquarters equally about 300-400 Soldiers.




1LT Teresa M."




"Could you please tell me who ide contact-to ask if anyone would help in donating a X-Box 360 and games to some of our troops in Iraq-Ive had a few soldgers contact me saying it would be great to have one-Any help would be great


Thank You   John B. M."




"My son, SrA Steven F. is currently serving at S.A.Base in Baghdad. He is Active Duty Air Force. Steven is my oldest and only son and I miss him terribly! Steven has made a point to make sure that all the guys in his tent (6) are receiving letters and packages so that they know just how awesome we think they are. He has gotten quite a few letters from Letters to Soldiers and told me that when they come in, he and the other guys sit around and read them together. They answer what they can, but mainly just smile because they know others care.


 Steven has also started taking voluntary donations to help the Civilian Military Operated Clinic (CMOC) which is a volunteer run women and childrens hospital run for the families of the Iraqi civilians that have chosen to work on base.


 These guys are working in the sun and sand in horrible heat day in and day out. He sends me pictures of the sandstorms and tornadoes that they are exposed to constantly. They stay in full uniform (all long sleeve) and at night it is still 120 degrees in their tent. I have made it my goal to let all of these folks know that we support them by asking everyone I know to send a card, letter, or even a picture and it only costs a stamp to make our soldiers smile. My family and friends have been sending the letters to Steven and he passes them out, not only to the guys in his tent, but others that he knows aren't getting support.


I have the names and address of the guys in Steven's tent and can also give you Steven's email if you would like to contact him directly. I'm very proud to say that my son is protecting our country and if you decide to send those letters and care packs his way, you would not be disappointed. If you decide to send them elsewhere, that is perfectly understandable. If you have any extra letters though, I know it would bring a smile to the guys at Sather.




Jeanette proud mom of SrA Steven F.”


05/26/08 From mom of soldier:


"These brought tears to my eyes! Steven and his buddies will LOVE to hear that their efforts are appreciated! Thank you for letting me read the emails you sent to them from Americans.






"Hi everyone. My son is stationed in Baghdad on base and sleeping in a tent. He has been there just since the first of May and this is his first time going to Iraq. Recently he has been able to email me and tell me some of the things that they need while they are there. I would like to share these items with you and hopefully you can lead me in a direction to someone that would be able to help.








Here is our Youth PSA.    

Thanks for all that you're doing for our families.    

MAJ A. B.    

State Family Program Director    

Suicide Prevention Program Manager    

 National Guard"    

02/15/08 Denise,   

"I have a lot of battle buddies here that are really missing home right now, some of them don't even get letters. I do have people here that I think would like to recieve letters from anyone. That's what we need right now especially being miles away from home. Thank You "

PFC F.   

02/12/08 From fellow soldier to our troops:  "Just wanted to let you know that God is always with you, no matter where you are and what you do. He's always going to protect you :) I'm here in Kuwaitsupporting everything that you do. God Bless You and keep you safe. "  PFC J. F.


Classification: UNCLASSIFIED 12/12/07   

"Hi Denise,   

 10 minutes ago I received the box of Letters you sent from 7th Graders in Utah and some emails from several places, printed on beautiful Christmas Stationery!!!!.  They are awesome.  I will pass them on to everyone else.  Thanks a lot for thinking of me.  The Chaplain’s contact info:...   

 Thanks again for everything you do.   

Have a great Christmas.

Commander M. F , P.E.”     

Classification: UNCLASSIFIED     

"Hi Denise,     

Thanks for the packages. Everyone loves the letters. I hope things are going well for you. This is my favorite time of year in Utah. Here in Iraq it's still about 110, but it seems cool compared to what we had earlier. I'm attaching a photo taken yesterday of me and my new best friend (I'm on the left!!!)

"I feel blessed to know you.     



P.S. I’ve got emails out, soliciting mailing addresses from different LDS chaplains”.     

M. F.
(Navy Commander)    


"Thanks so much for packages. You are so thoughtful. I passed out the goodies to the people I work with. After reading all the cards, I routed them to everyone also. I especially like the notes from the little kids. They are the best! In your words..."Priceless"


Fallujah Resident--temporarily displaced from Utah.”


"Thank you Denise for sharing my song "My Prayers Are With You Soldier" on your PSAs, I can't tell you, and you probably know this too, but I really feel that the Lord led me to your table that day, and vise versa. I know that we are here to help each other, and to help out our brothers in sisters, in the military.  YOu are amazing. You are doing great things, so expect great things to happen. I felt the first time when I wrote this song, that my desire for it was to go throughout the nation and hopefully touch every military person and families heart. I like your matching goal of making sure every military person this year gets a letter, a package and are taken care of.  Denise, I just want you to know HOW PROUD I AM OF YOU! YOU HAVE TAKEN ON A HARD TASK, AND WITH THE LORD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. HE LOVES YOU, AND HE IS WATCHING OVER YOU. YOU DESERVE THE BEST.  THANKS FOR BEING YOU. I KNOW THAT GOOD THINGS ARE IN STORE FOR YOU.      


- Lantern Lane     

Mothers of sons joining the Army: "Denise thank you so much. I cannot stop worrying. I do not know anything about Fort Benningif you have information please let me know and also if you add my son to the list to write to that would be so wonderful his name is Cameron he just turned 18.    Is Todd in Iraq?    I would love to help you with any flyers and anything to help the soldiers.     I am dedicated now to the cause to help these incredible men."  Val     

"My son is 19 and serving in Iraq along with my brother and I am the Pleasant Grove Rep and want to put a Letters to Soldiers box at my work  and help you get the seniors to write letters at the Senior Citizen Expo.” Vicki


November 30, 2007     

Dear Ms. Denise,     

Thank you for sharing your concerns regarding the collection of letters and packages of support for soldiers currently serving overseas. I appreciate your interest in the issues facing our country and state, and I am happy to respond. When you contact me, you help me to better represent Utah in Congress.     

I greatly appreciate all the work you are doing to ensure that our brave soldiers currently serving overseas receive the recognition they deserve. Especially during the holidays, sending them care packages and letters from their families, friends, and communities can improve the morale of our troops. I have always been a strong supporter of our brave young and men who serve in the military, and I will continue to ensure that they get the funding they need both when they are abroad and when they return.     

Again, thank you for sharing your concerns with me. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact my office.



Member of Congress